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6 Ways To Get Outside And Stay Active This Summer

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Are you looking to lose a bit of weight this summer? Maybe you have already lost a few pounds and want to keep them off. There are plenty of exciting ways for you to do so. The summer season is perfect for you to move around in a comfortable fashion.

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Online Platforms Supporting Digital Nomads

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Platform Professional's  Platforms and Digital Nomads  covers online platforms supporting digital nomads. Key quote: "Platforms may not have created the phenomenon of the digital nomad, but they are making it easier to become one."

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8 Tips On How To Borrow Student Loans Wisely

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When you think about student loans, you could be a little leery of racking up debt through school before you have a solid job to pay them back. While getting an education debt-free is the ideal way to go, student loans are sometimes necessary to help you pay for school.

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A thought for your day, with my good wishes to all … We are at a unique stage in our history. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that.

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How To: Put in Your Notice without Burning Bridges


If you have a rough experience in your workplace, it’s easy to have the desire to jump ship, perhaps in the most dramatic way possible. Before you charge out the front doors of your office in a brilliant blaze, consider the aftermath of an impulsive and emotional decision such as that.

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Modern Dragon Slayers

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Sometimes, during the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of a small village would wake up in the morning seeing their crops burned to the ground. Some stranger then would come in the village big square and tell that the crops were burned by a giant dragon, with huge wings, spitting fire.

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Episode 374: How to Be Time Smart with Ashley Whillans


Ashley Whillans spends a lot of her time studying happiness, so she joins the show to share how you can best spend your time to boost your life satisfaction. This episode is sponsored by TextExpander. With TextExpander, you can unlock your productivity with its many features.

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Emulate These Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Small Business CEO

You might dream of creating a startup but wonder if you have what it takes to successfully helm it. You can take some inspiration from looking at the habits of the most successful entrepreneurs. Setting Boundaries.

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Reasons to Hire a Small Business Accountant

Small Business CEO

Solo entrepreneurs usually run small businesses. A small business is most likely to have budgetary constraints. In such a situation, the business owner would wear many hats, doing most of the work including accounts.

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5 Things You Can Do For Your Small Business to Boost Profits Today

Small Business CEO

Generally when you’re running a business (even a small one), generating a decent amount of profit is going to be one of your main priorities. However, optimising the way you run your business in order to earn the biggest profit possible isn’t always easy. photo credit: Amina Filkins / Pexels.

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