Fri.May 18, 2012

How to Get Along Better With Your Boss

On The Job

I thought the manager’s face would explode. I was at lunch with a high level finance executive the other day when his cell phone rang. He looked at the number displayed on the screen and his face turned beet red – I think I even saw a couple of purple splotches mixed in.

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Why Small Businesses Aren't Hiring - VUCA

Small Business Labs

VUCA is an acronym developed by the U.S. Army War College in the late 1990's to describe their view of the future strategic environment.

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How Could Going Green Benefit Your Small Business?

Small Business CEO

The reasons to go green are often pitched as necessary changes for the continued existence of the world with growing populations and pollution.

Secret Freelancer Knowledge

Small Business Labs

Best selling author Neil Gaiman gave the commencement address at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His theme was "Make Good Art" and in it he shared his "secret freelancer knowledge": You get work however you get work, but people get to keep working in a freelance world (and more and more of today’s world is freelance), because their work is good, because they are easy to get along with and because they deliver the work on time. And you don’t even need all three!

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Q Words

Daily Writing Tips

Have you ever noticed the similarity in vocalization when you utter words starting with wh- and those beginning with qu- ? Go ahead and try it now. Don’t be embarrassed — nobody’s looking. Huh — your mouth’s moves are almost identical, right? But that’s not coincidental, because many English words beginning with wh- are akin to Latin terms beginning with qu- , and, of course, many English words beginning with qu- are directly descended from the language of ancient Rome.