Mon.Mar 11, 2019

Advice For Greypreneurs Entering The Gig Economy

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Among Baby Boomers, four out of five currently have no plans to retire. By 2019, many of them are in or approaching “retirement age”, but they aren’t ready to leave their career.

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How to create an internal Assistant network

Practically Perfect PA

During the Virtual Summit October 2017, we had the amazing Simone White, Executive Assistant and Global Chair of GAIN – Administrative Professionals Network at BlackRock train our group of attendees on starting their own internal network for Assistants.

6 Ways to Set the Bar a Little Lower

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Self-help writers are always pushing their brilliant ideas on the insecure public, suggesting endless techniques to help us, broken slobs, achieve our “ultimate potential.”

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The Rise of "Wealth Work"

Small Business Labs

Quartz's Life coaches are the new personal trainer highlights a trend we've been tracking since 2008 , the growth of personal services.    These are what noted labor economist David Autor calls "wealth work"   A good example is the growth are personal trainers.

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What is a Shell Casing?

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A shell casing is a piece of ammunition that is made of metal. It is often brass, but it can be made of other metals as well. Shell casings can be made from any kind of ammunition that is fired from a pistol, rifle or shotgun.

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Can a Clean Desk Create Inner Happiness?

On The Job

I've known people in my life who are so into cleanliness and order that you could eat off their garage floor, surrounded by gardening tools that stand at attention like little soldiers.

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The Potential of a Fresh Start


There’s something about starting something with a clean slate. The ability to have a fresh start shows up more often than we realize each day. When we wake up in the morning, that’s a fresh start. When we come back from any sort of break in our workday, we’re offered a fresh start.

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Script Writing Tips and Format Example

Daily Writing Tips

If critics tell you that your stories have too much dialogue, maybe you should consider writing scripts. It’s different from writing ordinary prose. For one thing, a script is not the finished work of art. It’s the blueprint that the director and actors use to create the work of art.

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Beginner’s Guide to Cloud-Based Performance Testing

Small Business CEO

Once the functional testing phase of cloud computing is completed, it’s time for performance testing. Here are some reasons why. Focusing on Performance Testing. Performance analysists work hundreds of hours to support testing environments.

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Perceived Value

Brilliantly Better

There is no intrinsic value of anything. The value that we attach to things, situations, beings or processes is all subjective. (In

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Windows Screenshot Session Recording: How to Get the Footage You Need

Small Business CEO

There are a lot of reasons to screenshot your PC screen. You might be making a presentation for work, creating a software tutorial, or making a short “Let’s Play” video for YouTube. All that considered, it’s likely you’re reading this and looking for a free screen recorder.

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