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In Transition: So What’s Your Brand?

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More than ever, when you are in transition you should have a brand. you ask. Because that is how you differentiate yourself and stand out from the proverbial crowd. Branding is not about what you like but about what employers like. Your branding statement—whether in writing, on the Internet, or spoken via your elevator [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund Bartnding career advice Career Transition Career Transition Coaching interview Job Advice job interview

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40 Irregular Verbs That Can End in “-t”

Daily Writing Tips

The predominant way to represent the past tense of a verb is to add -ed , but some verbs take -t as a variant ending, or even as the only form. Here are forty such verbs, including some ubiquitous words (like left and shot ) we may not even think of as having irregular forms because they are the only forms we know — for example, leaved and shooted are not options — as well as some that survive only in poetry or mock-archaic usage.

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Blast Through Writer’s Block With These 3 Tools

Men With Pens

For many writers, getting stuck in a phase of writer’s block can seem like the worse experience imaginable. Here I am, a supposed writer, and I can’t come up with anything to write. How can I even call myself a writer if I am struggling like this?

Women - The Chief Life Officers

Small Business Labs

The rise of women is a topic we often write about.  The basics of this trend are that women are playing increasingly important roles in business, government and society.   The trend holds true for small business ownership and especially women as independent workers. Large corporations are starting to pick up on this trend, so I wasn't surprised to see Lincoln Financial pushing the idea that women are Chief Life Officers in their advertising.

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The Value Of Accuracy

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. It was an early morning class. We walked in to find the dreaded dragon of the beginning circuits class – the class known as a weeder class to cull out the below-average students.

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