Tue.Jul 24, 2018

Is Coworking's Surge Leading to Market Saturation?

Small Business Labs

According to the Reuters article 'Coworking' surge in Manhattan raises asset-liability quandary : "The amount of office leasing by “coworking” firms in Manhattan is nearing 10 percent of all new leases, a sign of growing demand for short-term contracts by companies seeking workspace."

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Dealing with awkward situations at work

Practically Perfect PA

Throw a load of random people together, and you are bound to get some awkward moments, especially if you are forced (as you often are at work) to spend a lot of time with each other.

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Is Where You Live Sacrificing Your Happiness?

Dumb Little Man

The average American moves 11.4 times in their life. Some move when they are young, while others chase jobs, loved ones or environments that better suit their needs. Whatever the reason, Americans are moving more than ever before, aided by mobile lifestyles and broadening opportunities to work from home. Despite this trend, many people still live in environments that make them miserable.

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Intentional Word Choice: Did You Write “Feel” When You Meant “Believe”?

Office Dynamics

Much of the spoken language slides into our writing, but at times the words we say aren’t the exact fit for what we mean. Check your intention every time! Consider these sentences from an article about education: How many principals do what they feel will win approval?

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How to Write The Perfect Content for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

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Bringing in new customers and converting them can sometimes be challenging. With so many brands and products on the market, differentiating from the competition is near impossible. However, the AIDA sales funnel methodology can contribute to the cause more than you think. Implementing the time-old sales model into the content creation strategy set by the marketing team will ensure organic growth and sales outreach more than most methods would.

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How to Write a Short Story: Six Crucial Steps

Daily Writing Tips

Short stories are tricky to write well. Every word counts – and you don’t have long at all to establish characters and get the plot going. While most of my fiction-writing time goes into novels, I’ve written a bunch of short stories over the years (and even won an occasional prize).

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Growing Your Business: 3 Under-Utilized yet Effective Advertising Channels for Lawyers

Small Business CEO

Marketing is an essential proponent for lawyers, but getting it right is not always straightforward. Regardless of the type of law you practice, you’re swimming in the same pool of clients as numerous other firms.

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