Thu.Apr 25, 2019

How To Prepare For Home Improvement Projects

Dumb Little Man

In 2016, a couple in Ohio made a startling discovery behind the ceiling of their basement. A suitcase stuffed with $23,000 in cash was hidden just beneath the surface. Though it was unclear who put it there or why, they used the funds to help pay off their mortgage.

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10 books to read to improve your public speaking

Practically Perfect PA

I write a lot on Practically Perfect PA about how Assistants should speak-up, have confidence and represent themselves and their Executives in meetings. This is often easier said than done, because, as we all know, speaking in public (whether that is in a session or a larger public setting) is hard.

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How to Keep Business Data Secure When Transitioning to a New Office?

Dumb Little Man

Moving to a new office is not easy. More so, you have to ensure that none of the office hardware gets damaged. Additionally, the responsibility to keep the data secure is also on your shoulders. People can secure devices and things, but they often ignore the security of the data.

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Positive Career Affirmation #9

Eat Your Career

I welcome challenges as opportunities for growth. To learn more about affirmations and how to leverage them for career success, check out this article. The post Positive Career Affirmation #9 appeared first on Eat Your Career.

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Top 9 Communication Tips for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Establishing rapport is critical to attaining successful business and personal relationships. While everyone must competently use today’s information technology tools, too many of us are ignoring the proven importance and effectiveness of interpersonal communication skills.

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Gartner says Half of All Job Postings Target Just 39 Roles

Small Business Labs

Gartner's Most Competitive Roles 2019 provides an interesting look at the jobs big companies are hiring for.    The key finding is there is a lot of demand for a relatively small number of critical jobs.    According to the report, "49% of all job postings by S&P 100 companies in 2018 were for just 39 roles. The remaining 51% were for 872 other roles." " The report chart below (click to enlarge) lists some of the high demand roles. 

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Agio Knows the Who, What, Why, and How of Hedge Fund Cybersecurity

Small Business CEO

Cyber threats are said to be the most critical issue in today’s open world. It is great to have access to the internet and information, but along with that comes increased risk of break-ins and lost identity.

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