Mon.Jul 08, 2019

How Can Universal Basic Income Mitigate Fallout From Automation?

Dumb Little Man

In a 2018 poll, nearly half of Americans supported the idea of a Universal Basic Income program. What is Universal Basic Income, where did the idea come from, and what would it mean for our society as we know it today?

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The Number of Nonemployer Businesses Continues to Grow

Small Business Labs

According to the  U.S. Census, the number of   nonemployer businesses in 2017 increased to 25,701,671, up 3.6% from 2016.    Nonemployers are businesses that have an owner, but don't have paid traditional full or part-time employees (W2 employees).

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6 Things to Do Before a Product Launch

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The best way to bring much-needed attention to your new product or service is by doing a product launch.

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Growth plans for Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Earlier this year I read a fantastic blog from Hallie Warner, chief of staff at Adam Hergenrother Companies on the who, what, when and how of growth plans. The blog details Hallie’s objectives for 2019 and how she goes about putting together her growth plan for the year.

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5 Ways to Return From Vacation and Not Be Totally Bummed

On The Job

I've been away from my office for about 10 days for a work conference and some vacation time. Over the years, I've interviewed many experts on how to return to work from time away without feeling completely overwhelmed and even a little depressed.

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70 Dialogue Writing Prompts

Daily Writing Tips

For some writers, dialogue comes naturally. They find it easy to “hear” their character’s voices and they have the knack of crafting dialogue that sounds natural without trying to replicate all the “ums” and “ers” of actual speech. For many writers, though, dialogue can be a struggle.

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