Wed.Jun 26, 2019

Effective Use of Technology: 7 Ways To Use Internet To Your Advantage

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How do you guarantee the effective use of technology? You are living in the technology boom era. And every day, you use things which were unimaginable 20 years back. Often, you might have read about how technology is too fast-paced and the innocence is lost along the way.

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How To Upgrade Your Cubicles To Be Eco-Friendly

Eco-Office Gals

As more and more working professionals realize how important protecting the planet is, they are upgrading their cubicles to be eco-friendly. Business owners like yourself can encourage employees to make small changes that can go a long way for Earth.

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According To Science, This Is How Much Exercise You Need In A Week

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Working out can provide you with a range of benefits, from improving your memory to helping you maintain a healthy weight. But there is the nagging question of how much exercise you need in a week to get those benefits.

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How to Say "Good Job" Without Saying "Good Job"

On The Job

How many times a day do you say "Good job"? I know I say it a lot, and I'm tired of it. I sound like a broken record, and I'm sure the people I'm saying it to are equally bored. So, I Googled how to say "good job" in a bunch of different ways and I found the list below.

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Can You Go To Jail For Credit Card Debt?

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Can you go to jail for credit card debt? If you have debt, this could be running through your mind. Debt collectors can certainly be aggressive enough on the phone and through the mail. But how far can they really go? The United States Congress did away with debtors’ prisons back in 1833.

Episode 250: 5 Days with John Poelstra


On today’s episode, I spent time with John Poelstra.

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Why You Should Start Setting Financial Goals (Plus Examples)

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Each year offers a fresh start and most of us are eager to get our lives on track. We start out with the best of intentions, but keeping that momentum is easier said than done. One way to combat that is to start setting financial goals for yourself along the way. A lot of us aspire to get better control over our finances. Whether it’s saving more for retirement, paying off debt or building an emergency savings fund, everyone has something they would like to improve on.

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4 Cybersecurity Due Diligence Questionnaire Tips

Small Business CEO

Process and operations within many financial firms are becoming more reliant on digital solutions. As technology continues to evolve, it’s essential to realize that the potential for efficiency gains and improvements are becoming larger.

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Innovative Point of Sale System Trends

Small Business CEO

Business is all about innovation. From your advertising, to your products to your POS, you have to be forward-thinking if you want to ensure your venture is a successful one.

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An Introduction To Fabric Covered Buildings

Small Business CEO

The term “fabric building” may produce a myriad of different images. Some people may think about tents, others may think about fabric carports, and others may think about large event structures. Still, others may have any number of other visions.

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