Wed.Oct 24, 2018

9 Useful Tips On How To Get Out of Debt Quickly

Dumb Little Man

Are you or someone in your household in debt? If so, you’re not alone. In 2018, it was estimated that the average American household had wracked up over $137,000 in debt.

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Conference for Administrative Professionals – Welcome Reception

Office Dynamics

Starlight Welcome Reception – 10/23/2018. The Starlight Welcome Reception was a fun event! Conference attendees mingled and enjoyed hot appetizers, dessert and drinks while a “Rat Pack” Vegas crooner entertained us with lounge music. His playlist was wonderful.

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How Depression is Changing Internet Culture

Dumb Little Man

In 2016, the comedic YouTube creator iDubbbz uploaded a video of himself jumping off the back of a car into a wheelchair saying, “I have crippling depression.” He says these words self-deprecatingly and almost mockingly.

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The One Thing That Can Improve Feedback

On The Job

It's pretty much a given that everyone hates performance reviews, which is why more companies are urging managers to give "continuous feedback." What this looks like can vary: "Great job, Susan, on that presentation." John, I think you need a little more research on that report."

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30 Sports Idioms

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists and defines terms derived from two or more distinct sports that by extension serve as idioms in other realms of endeavor outside athletics. The original meaning is provided in parentheses.).

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4 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Sharon Bush

Small Business CEO

Sharon Bush has proven herself to be resilient, generous, loving, and entrepreneurial despite life’s problems. Emulating her ability to overcome adversity and subsequently flourish, one can find valuable life lessons that will help them succeed.

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Conference for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – Opening Session

Office Dynamics

October 24, 2018. We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast buffet (so much food!) at TBones upscale restaurant. Large tables made for great breakfast conversation with admins from throughout the country and around the globe. I met Charlotte and Chris from Amarillo.

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