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15 Benefits to Outsource Document Management

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Outsourcing is a significant breakthrough, which started in the late 90’s in North America and Europe. Different aspects and processes in businesses were outsourced, including documents from public, classified, and restricted archives.

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Positive Career Affirmation #13

Eat Your Career

I communicate with confidence and professionalism, even in difficult conversations. To learn more about affirmations and how to leverage them for career success, check out this article. The post Positive Career Affirmation #13 appeared first on Eat Your Career.

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Being a Single Parent of Three, This is What I Advise All the Moms

Dumb Little Man

Today, I attended the graduation party of my twin boys. Looking at them with their graduation gowns and hats on, I felt so proud. When their names were being called out, I went down the memory lane when I had my newborn twin boys in my arms. I was very happy to see their tiny, innocent faces.

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How to manage conflict at work

Practically Perfect PA

At our recent Future Assistant Conference, we covered the topic of ‘managing difficult conversations’ Julie Leitz’s presentation is still one of our most popular online sessions because so many us shy away from having difficult conversations and managing conflict at work.

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New Book Announcement: The Invisibility Cure

Eat Your Career

I am so excited to announce that my new book is now available for purchase ! It is such a wonderful feeling to type those words. I was starting to worry this day would never come.

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Being an Administrative Assistant for Two Different Types of Managers – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

Ask an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers. We don’t always have the best answer to each individuals problem but someone else might!

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Podcast 120: Rewarding yourself

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 120 and it’s about rewarding yourself. It seems logical that having a reward to look forward to would motivate you to complete a task. You tell yourself, once I finish writing my book, I’ll take a nice vacation. Once I complete the bike marathon this summer, I’ll buy those new shoes I’ve been wanting.

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Workforce Management

Small Business CEO

Your projects are only as good as your workforce. The employee base is the biggest asset of any organisation. From managing client demands to mitigating project risks, your workforce makes sure that all your deliverables are on time, every time.

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Bitcoin ATMs Let Anyone Get Involved in Crypto Easily

Small Business CEO

The world of cryptocurrency can seem intimidating to many people. Assuming you have already decided you want to get involved, the question then becomes how? How do you go about acquiring the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and others?

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MRP vs. ERP: What’s The Difference and Which Solution is Right for Your Company?

Small Business CEO

At some point in time, most manufacturing companies realize the need for a software solution that allows different operational departments – procurement, production, warehousing and others – to share information. And it wouldn’t hurt if the same software could also loop in sales and finance.

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