Thu.Sep 20, 2018

How to Stay Strong and Extremely Resilient In Chaos

Dumb Little Man

Despite avoiding the news and mainstream influence 90% of the time, I’m still aware that the world is in a state of chaos and that people are having a hard time finding peace in chaos.

2018 271

Survey: Satisfaction Levels for Gig Workers and Traditional Workers Similar

Small Business Labs

Morning Consult's In a Robust Job Market, Gig Workers Satisfaction on a Par With Wider Workforce covers the results of their recent survey of employed Americans.

2018 157

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How To Break Out Muscle Growth Plateau Like A Pro

Dumb Little Man

Have you been working out but it seems like you have stopped seeing any progress? Don’t let this frustrate you. We’ve all gone through that at some point, whether it’s during training to lose weight or to build muscle.

2018 196

Podcast 102: Use information

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 102 and it’s about using information. Are you good at gathering information? How about taking notes, on a seminar or a book? Maybe you write in the margins of the handouts, or maybe you create a dedicated binder for all your fantastic notes. But… what happens next? Unless you’re in school, there’s not going to be a test on those notes.

2018 100

How to Find and Hire Employees Who Can Think Critically

Small Business CEO

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you have a need for employees who are able to think critically and make smart business decisions. Why does it seem like those people are increasingly rare and hard to find? How do you go about recruiting them and putting them to work for your company?

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