Fri.Jul 20, 2018

Actions Over Words: Believe What You See From Your Guy

Dumb Little Man

“My guy never calls but says it’s because he’s really busy and blah blah blah…” “A guy I like said he wants to ask me out but hasn’t. Does that mean blah blah blah…” “We had sex and now I hardly ever hear from him. Is he not into me anymore or does he blah blah blah blah.” ” Ladies, ladies, ladies. Listen to your friend, ok?

2018 146

Technology of the week: CamCard

Practically Perfect PA

Today’s Technology of the week: CamCard. Here are the details: What is CamCard? Camcard lets you scan business cards and manage all your contacts online. What does Camcard do?

2018 130

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Why You Should Buy a Soundbar for your 4K TV

Dumb Little Man

As televisions evolve, so do all of the equipment that go with it. You bought a 4K television because you wanted a crystal clear picture with bright and bold colors. It follows that your sound quality should also be top-grade. This is why many people have started to buy soundbars for their home entertainment system. What is a Soundbar? A soundbar is a one or two-piece system that functions as speakers for your 4K television.

2018 138

Why effective lead management can help small businesses grow

The Small Business Blog

Growth and expansion is important in any business, but it is especially true for small business who might only just be starting out in their industry. It’s important to hit the ground running and lay strong foundations in the market for your business to build upon going forward.

2018 157

Say No to Your Darlings

Daily Writing Tips

Veteran writers often advise aspiring writers to “kill your darlings.” Grisly, isn’t it, but they all say it. William Faulkner wrote, “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.”.

2018 73

Using Gamification to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Small Business CEO

While everyone dreams to turn their financial goals into reality, it is disheartening to know that 65 percent of Americans, according to CNBC, save little to almost nothing towards achieving these goals.

2018 70

The Five Easy Steps to Thought Weed Wacking

The Marq

I hear from so many people that they’ve seized up, stopped, in complete turmoil and unable to work or do anything in their personal life because of some fear or “what if”. I get it because I’ve been there. It's like a burden of what if I lose everything?

2018 52