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Increasing Your Productivity: The Big Picture AND the Little Picture

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Everyone wants to boost their productivity, whether it’s at your day job or your personal development goals. Why does it seem so difficult? One of the reasons many people fail to see results when attempting to increase productivity is because they don’t realize there are two very different levels to which attention must be paid. Focusing on one to the exclusion of the other will usually result in only short-lived gains if not outright failure.

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How to Develop Your Charisma

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People known for their charisma must have been born with it — because if charisma could be learned everyone would have it, right? Olivia Fox Cabane says charisma can be learned, but many people don't understand how to go about it.

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How To Effectively Use Social Networks To Your Advantage

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Facebook has about 800 million users. Twitter has 100 Million. Google Plus has 40 Million. What do these number tell you? They tell you many things and these are some of them: 1. Users of social networks are increasing in number. More people are signing up. More people are engaging into a somewhat form of online communication via social networks. Social networks are the preferred form of engagement online (versus email, chat rooms, etc.) Social networks are not slowing down in terms of activity.

Stay a While and Learn About “Sojourn”

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After I posted a list of synonyms for trip , a couple of readers offered sojourn as an additional alternative. Unfortunately, however, they are victims of a common misunderstanding. Sojourn is actually a near antonym of trip. It means “a brief stay.”. The confusion undoubtedly arises from the presence of the syllable journ , which is cognate with the first syllable of journey and journal (as well as the last element of du jour , French and restaurantese for “of the day”).

A Few Silly Email Errors

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I share these recent email errors to make you smile. Can you figure out what the writer intended? Explanations follow the four items. A business friend ended a message to me this way: "I hope you and the fan are. Email Proofreading