Mon.Oct 29, 2018

How mindfulness can support lasting change in behaviour

Practically Perfect PA

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness can be described as a way of being and living rather than a tactic or strategy for life. When practised on a continuous basis, mindfulness improves mental health and functioning by helping decrease stress and psychological distress.

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Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It

Office Dynamics

Welcome to Halloween week. Halloween is such an interesting holiday and is becoming almost as popular as the other major holidays. The stores, boutique shops, and online businesses sell everything to decorate your home, prepare for parties, and offer all kinds of paraphernalia.

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Bleisure Travel Continues to Increase

Small Business Labs

We first reported on bleisure travel , which is the the blending of business and leisure travel, back in 2015.    A According to the folks at the expense reporting and management firm, SAP Concur, it continues to gain popularity. 

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Functions of the Apostrophe

Daily Writing Tips

This post discusses the three primary functions of the apostrophe in the English language: the marking of the possessive case in nouns, the marking of the omission of one or more letters, and the marking of plurals of individual characters.

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5 Qualities of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Small Business CEO

Business leaders are not just great at making their companies a success, but they should also be great at handling their staff. After all, without a hardworking and inspired workforce, they will not be able to achieve success in business.

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3 Ways to Change the World from Your Cubicle

45 Things

I'm fed up, and I know many of you must feel the same. I'm fed up with the name-calling, the finger-pointing and the yelling. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away, but I can't. What I can do is think about how I behave every day and hopefully do a little better.

Key Things to Look for When Choosing a Long-Term Courier Partner

Small Business CEO

Finding the right long-term courier partner can be difficult, however with plenty of in-depth research, you can be sure to find a courier on a budget that aligns your business needs, in addition to having your customer’s best interests in mind.

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