Mon.May 06, 2019

6 Great Lessons You Can Learn from Helen Keller

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Helen Keller was one of the most famous authors of her time. Despite being blind and deaf, she was able to inspire a lot of people. She’s a great reminder that nothing is impossible and I believe that there are more lessons we can learn from her.

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Day in the life: Hayley Lawrence, PA to Regional General Manager and Admin Assistant to Founders Office – The British Virgin Islands

Practically Perfect PA

Enjoy today’s Day in the life: Hayley Lawrence, PA Regional General Manager and Administration Assistant to Founders Office – Necker & Moskito Islands, in The British Virgin Islands. I love this interview because it shows how exciting, different, challenging and incredible our profession is!

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13 Security Tips for Your Android Phone

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You most likely use your phone much more than you use any other device, and it’s probably loaded with your personal information. With this in mind, security should be at the top of your priority list.

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Should You Follow Up After an Interview?

On The Job

You may be feeling great after a job interview and believe a job offer is just around the corner. Then, nothing. Silence. No phone calls or emails from the hiring manager. Now your worry kicks in. Did you say something wrong in the interview? Have they already hired someone else?

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The Best Ways To Save Money In 2019

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Saving money is more important than ever. In a world so politically unstable you never know what’s around the corner and when inflation is pricing many out already, planning for the future is a must.

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Intuit's Pursuit of Prosperity Study

Small Business Labs

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The Importance of Environmental Integrity When Combating Erosion

Eco-Office Gals

As with everything dealing with our environment, we are at a time in history when the integrity of what we are planting and sowing has an unprecedented impact.

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The One Piece of Time Management Advice That You Should Definitely Follow


I’ve been studying personal productivity and time management for years now and there’s one question that comes up often. What’s one piece of productivity and time management advice that you would give to everyone?”.

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Know Your Numbers: 4 Critical Tips on Managing Accounting for Startups

Small Business CEO

If you’ve got a startup, you know there’s already several areas of business to cover. Marketing, sales, accounting are all areas you’ll handle, even if you’re not proficient in them.

2019 77

How to Create a Character Profile

Daily Writing Tips

Have you created character profiles for the main cast of your novel? While not all authors use character profiles, many find them a very handy tool for keeping track of their characters – and for developing and fleshing out those characters in the first place.

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Updating Your Resume: Signs It’s Time to Polish the Ol’ Skills

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You’re back on the job market, sending out your resume to multiple jobs a day, but you’re not getting any bites. Frustrating, right? It can be especially difficult to know exactly what’s going wrong – is it my cover letter? Do I have enough experience?

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Hiring Accountants and Business Advisers Makes Company Formation Simpler

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When you are thinking about forming a company in Vanuatu , there are going to be many things that you will need to take into consideration. For example, there are many different licenses and permits that need to be obtained so that you can get started.

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Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes And Misconceptions Related To Confidence Intervals

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While statistics turns out to be a crucial aspect of your business, it often gets arduous to keep with everything that goes on with these calculations. You need to be watchful for reliable software tools and conceptual knowledge in order to maintain an errorless environment.

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