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Want to attend the Virtual Summit? Need to convince the boss? We’ve got your back!

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This summer’s Virtual Summit takes place on Friday 22nd June at 9 am GMT+1 and we are just putting the final touches to the programme, which we are hoping to release next week.

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Ten Simple Ways to Go Green On A Budget

Eco-Office Gals

Most people associate “going green” with buying expensive products like organic vegetables, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and electric cars. However, there are some really simple techniques you can use to go green without spending much money.

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How to Easily Build Your Website with AI

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If you want your business to succeed in the modern world, you’re going to have to think long and hard about how to establish your online presence. The first thing you should do is put yourself in the shoes of the client that you are trying to win over. Ask yourself: where’s the first place they’re going to look? You guessed it – Google. Searching on the Internet is by far the fastest way to get access to information about anything. This is why most people don’t look anywhere else.

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The Strong Job Market's Impact on Self-Employment

Small Business Labs

The U.S. unemployment rate fell under 4% for the first time since 2000, continuing a steady decline that started in 2010. Despite the strong traditional job market, according to the BLS self-employment has increased slightly over the prior year and is also up from 2010. 

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12 Tips That Build Customer Loyalty And Boost Sales

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Loyal customers can help you stay in business as they faithfully buy your goods and services. They can also refer other customers and help your company build brand recognition. For these reasons, you want and need to build customer loyalty. The following 12 tips can definitely help you with that. Build a Relationship. Value every customer in all aspects of your sales funnel.

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3 Tips on Becoming Crypto Nomads

Small Business CEO

With technology offering even more ways for people to work away from their desks and offices, the term digital nomad has become prevalent for the past decade as the best way to make money while living life on the road.

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How To Make A Successful And Hassle-Free Career Change

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Whether your goals, values or interests have changed or you need more money and flexible hours, starting a new career isn’t something you can take lightly. You need to really think things through before you make a decision. If you are in the middle of planning your next career move, here are some of the best tips you can use. Determine Where You’re At.

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Your Complete Guide to Playing Online Slots

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Knowing how to play online slots isn’t that hard and confusing. In fact, you can easily learn it with just the right tips, tricks, and hacks. Getting familiar with the games matters, too. Unfortunately, for beginners, the list of guides on how to play online slots can be confusing. So, to help you get the best gaming experience, we’ve prepared a complete guide you’ll actually find handy. Read on. The Different Types of Online Slots. Via atomik.

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The “Secret Sauce” for SMBs to Win in B2B

Small Business CEO

Many SMB owners operating in B2B markets have the aspiration to acquire large corporate clients. Getting a large “big brand” customer can provide an SMB with numerous benefits including: Larger revenues. Long term contracts. Enhanced industry reputation.

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No Hassle Ideas for Adding Bitcoin Capability to Your Brand-New Business

Small Business CEO

Are you about to start up the business that you’ve spent your life dreaming about and planning? Are you worried about your ability to make that business stand out in a market that might be crowded with competitors who have already established themselves?

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Why You Should Use an M&A Advisor to Sell Your Online Business

Small Business CEO

Of all the possible deals a digital entrepreneur might negotiate over the course of their career, few will be as important as the sale of their business.

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How Much Is Technology Too Much Technology for Your Small Business?

Small Business CEO

The desire to get ahead in the business world is likely one of the reasons that you became an entrepreneur in the first place. For that reason, it’s probable that you aren’t the type to sit around, stand pat and simply let your company marinate without looking to improve things at every opportunity.

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What Your Small Business Can Learn from Cryptocurrency Startups

Small Business CEO

It can seem at times like every business that ever entered the cryptocurrency market is now minting millionaires. That, of course, isn’t the case. That’s because you are only hearing the success stories.

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