Mon.Apr 09, 2018

Managing your own time and dealing with interruptions 

Practically Perfect PA

I thought I would start the week by sharing another video from last year’s Virtual Summit.

2018 189

Stealing Photos Online Is Still Stealing

Dumb Little Man

If you are managing your own websites or your clients’ websites, make sure your photo assets are coming from legitimate sources and that you’re not stealing photos online. Even if you see something online, it doesn’t mean that you can just take it for free. Many people see no problem with downloading music from a streaming site instead of buying a CD.

2018 169

Why Networking is So Exhausting -- and What to Do About It

On The Job

Professional conferences or networking events are great ways to learn new things about your industry and make important contacts for your career. They also can be exhausting. Even the most outgoing person can find hours of "small talk" a bit draining. If you say "Hello, how are you?"

2018 163

The Best Tips to Boost Pinterest Conversion

Dumb Little Man

Pinterest has emerged as an important marketing platform to drive conversion for businesses. But how exactly can it drive sales and generate leads? To understand the potential of Pinterest, it is important to know how it stands apart from others. Let us explain first its key attributes. Visual Content: Most researchers agree that visual elements generate more interest in reading content. Do you want some statistics in favor of it?

2018 145

Dreams Do Come True

Office Dynamics

Dreams do come true and I am so excited this week that I can hardly contain myself. This week I am living a dream that I had about 20 years ago! I am going to work with one of the most highly respected and well-known companies in the world!

2018 190

5 Options To Consider When Buying A Server For Your Startup

Small Business CEO

When it comes to buying a business server, your startup have many options to choose from. The overall process can be confusing and down right frustrating if you are unsure about what your startup needs. Meanwhile, many business technologists will claim that you should just go straight to the cloud.

2018 64

How to Avoid the Professional Thug

The Marq

I recently met someone at a social hour event who claimed to be a LinkedIn expert. After speaking with him in-person, even though I had some initial reservations, I thought I’d give his services a try. After all, I knew I needed a better presence on LinkedIn.

2018 52

Is PPC Marketing Dead?

Small Business CEO

If you ask a hundred people when they think the world is going to end, you’ll get a hundred different answers. Nobody could possibly know, right? And, as the old saying goes “Opinions are like (insert expletive).” ” Is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising dead?

2018 57