Thu.Nov 22, 2018

Top 7 Underwater Sites That Have Surprisingly Re-Emerged

Dumb Little Man

Nature works in mysterious ways, most of which even transcend human comprehension. It wipes away and builds again. It drowns and resurrects. There is an order in its chaos and a chaos in its order which simply astounds adventure enthusiasts like myself.

2018 243

What are the top desk must-haves for Assistants?

Practically Perfect PA

In the next few weeks I will be moving house, and although the thought of it feels me with absolute dread, I am also very excited because I finally get to have an office. Yes, that is right, a whole room that is just dedicated to Practically Perfect PA!

2018 242

The Art of Surveys: 5 Signs Yours Are Lacking

Small Business CEO

Your company recently sent out a survey to your customers. You got little to no response, and the responses you did get felt forced or dishonest. Why could this be? Like any business, you want happy, engaged, and returning customers.

2018 74

Happy Thanksgiving

The Marq

In the US, it's time to give thanks for all that is good in life and what progress we've made as families, cities, states, a country and for humanity. Certainly, we could talk about how much better or different things could be.

2018 52

Key Differences between Health Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance

Small Business CEO

The idea of getting into an accident is frightening, as well as the idea of having to leave your family behind in a worst-case scenario. Life is unpredictable after all, and anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

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