Tue.Nov 24, 2020

Learn to Say No to Alternatives

Dumb Little Man

We all know about how a class of calligraphy became the ground of innovation for Steve Jobs , who introduced the ‘first computer with beautiful typography’ to humanity. Or, how while walking, Nikola Tesla got the breakthrough idea of a brushless AC motor.

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How automation can help Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

How automation can help Assistants When you’re an Assistant and wearing lots of hats, juggling different tasks, clients and struggling with an overflowing to-do list it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Being organised is key, and using technology makes it much easier to keep on top of things.

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How to Sell a Business Effectively

Small Business CEO

Most entrepreneurs get into the game because they love the idea of running their own business. They like to be in charge. They love their team members. They even love the industry they’re in. But sooner or later, you’ll need to put together an exit strategy—and that often means selling your business.

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Tips for Launching a Health E-Commerce Business in 2021

Small Business CEO

According to statistical data provided by The Pew Research Center, as of 2019, 90% of Americans use the Internet to shop, connect with their family members and friends, receive news, and gather information.

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Why Visual Content Is So Important for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Small Business CEO

For more than a decade, content marketing has been one of the most popular online marketing strategies. It’s useful for its accessibility, its high return on investment (ROI), and its penchant for long-term development.

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