Sun.Feb 28, 2021

Personal Development Lessons from the Garden

Simple Productivity Blog

I am a terrible gardener. But I do try. Every year. And every year I have less than stellar results. I sat down and tried to pinpoint the causes of my many failures. I made a list, and realized that they apply to personal development as well.

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365 Days Writing Challenge – Checkpoint Two

Brilliantly Better

This is my second monthly checkpoint for the 365 days writing challenge I started this year. I showed up every day in February too, so, up until now, I can safely say the challenge is going ok. Today included, I published a post every day for the first 59 days of 2021, which leaves 306. Read more.

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What are The Benefits of Using a CRM for Your Business?

Small Business CEO

CRM (or customer relationship management) tools are a mainstay of modern business practice – an essential component for keeping customers happy. Yet, there are still many companies out there that are not using them. And this is a problem.

2021 60

The Future of Cobots in Business

Small Business CEO

With massive technological advancements always coming thick and fast, we can expect more incredible things every day. When we think about the future of technology, we often think about robots. Whilst we might not have flying cars yet, there’s definitely a future for robots within business.

2021 56

How to Protect Your Business with Vendor Risk Management

Small Business CEO

The vendor risk landscape has evolved rapidly over the last few decades, with third-party relationship risk management becoming more and more difficult to manage as technology advances and the supply chain evolves into more of a supply web encircling the globe.

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