Sun.Jun 10, 2018

11 Really Effective Relaxation Techniques to Relieve Anxiety

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No one can evade stress completely but you may resist it by mastering a relaxation method. Relaxation techniques can decrease the level of anxiety and bring your body into a state of equilibrium. Apart from producing a balancing effect, relaxation also magnifies energy and concentration. It helps overcome illnesses, alleviates pain and enhances problem-solving abilities and motivation.

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What They Don’t Tell You About Live Chat Effectiveness In Business

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It’s a hot summer day. There is a sale and your store manager is out sick. So, here you are handling the register on a holiday weekend. On most days, the team runs your clothing and accessories store like clockwork. However, on days like this one, you wish you had an on-demand customer service wizard to answer the phone, email responses to customer queries or manage complaints for online orders. The sales team on the floor has their hands full with stocking, shelving and cleaning duties.

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