Mon.Jan 18, 2021

These Upgrades Will Make Your Home Eco-Friendly Instantly

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Your home is where you feel the safest and most comfortable. It’s your very own sanctuary. Big investments or purchases like a house require upkeep and regular maintenance to ensure everything is in good condition.

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Hard Resets versus Soft Resets

Brilliantly Better

It’s reasonably cold and daylight is starting to dim. The park where I’m running is slowly blending into that uncertain shape, when it’s not fully dark, but contours are fuzzy. It’s a nice Saturday evening and I’m enjoying my come back run, after about 2 weeks of pause.

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Top 5 Best Learning Language Apps

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Whether you want to learn a foreign language so you can watch that movie without subtitles or communicate with the locals fluently when you travel abroad, you will most likely need a language learning app to get started.

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Top Tips for Business Blogging in 2021

Small Business CEO

Whether you are a new blogger or an experienced one, you might be wondering what changes 2021 will have in store. If you’re looking to renew your mindset or just find some new tips in the trade, this article was written for you.

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3 Tips for Dealing with a Perfectionist Colleague

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For most of us, we have great days at work when we're really on top of our game. Then, there are other days when we don't do our best work, and we know it. But a perfectionist can never let anything slide. He or she believes that everything has to be perfect, every single time.

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