Tue.May 21, 2019

Free Time-Saving Tools for Students

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Wow, modern life is demanding! We do so much more than previous generations. We don’t just study but have to work as well. And even then, we have to finish our studies in the blink of an eye – or end up deeply in debt if we don’t.

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What meetings should make it into your Executive’s schedule?

Practically Perfect PA

Last week I wrote a blog post about the meetings you should have with your Executive, where I detailed the meetings you should set up in your Executive’s diary that focuses on the work that the two of you need to move the business forward.f

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Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Max: 4 Tips to Get More Jobs

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If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you’re missing out on a killer opportunity to get flooded with job offers. Worse, you’re giving your competition the edge because 40% of recruiters won’t interview you if they can’t find you online.

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Conference for Administrative Assistants – How to Get Your Executive’s Approval

Office Dynamics

Most of the time assistants tell me they can’t attend our conference for administrative assistants or training because of budget cuts or not getting financial support. Sometimes it really is a budget issue. I understand that perfectly as a business owner and CEO.

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7 Tips to Lower Utility Bills in Your Business

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Businesses always need to optimize their processes to make the operations more profitable. One factor you need to pay special attention to is your business’ utility consumption. If you’re willing to put the effort, it is easy to reduce the utility consumption of your business. The problem is most companies think that it is not possible. It is not true at all. And as proof, we’ll share with you 7 tips to lower the utility bills in your business. Use solar power partially.

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Food Delivery Continues Fund Raising and Rapid Expansion

Small Business Labs

Over the past couple of weeks both DoorDash and London based food delivery company Deliveroo announced substantial funding rounds. 

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There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management

Ian's Messy Desk

The post There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. What does it mean to be productive? That’s the question Dustin Wax asks in his Lifehack.org post, There’s More to Productivity Than Time Management – Lifehack.org.He suggests the typical answer might be, “Getting the most done in the least possible time.”

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