Wed.Nov 27, 2019

The 11 Most Important Rules For Healthy Eating

Dumb Little Man

You know what to do in theory, don’t you? Avoid processed foods and trans fats. Include more lean protein and load up on the fresh fruits and veggies. Looks easy, right?

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Learn to Say “No”

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Learn to Say “No” appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. There was a time when I would say yes to everything. Not because I thought I had the ability to do it all, but because I felt I looked lazy if I wasn’t doing something all the time. I had to learn to say no. There was also an issue of how to handle things … Continue reading Learn to Say “No” → You just finished reading Learn to Say "No" ! Consider leaving a comment!

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The Future (And History) of Phishing And Email Security

Dumb Little Man

Not that long ago, the only way to communicate with someone across the office was to get up and walk over. Then, it became calling one’s phones with individual extensions being widely used.

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Podcast 132: Decision controls

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! This is podcast 132 and it’s about decision controls. This episode is sponsored by Clean Email, the answer to email inbox overload. I’ve written about ways to clear out that clutter, but you can save time by using the Clean Email app.

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Episode 272: Crowdsourcing Paris with J.H. Bunting


On this episode of the program I speak with J.H. Bunting about the life of a writer and the making of his ambitious new book, Crowdsourcing Paris: Memoirs of a Travel Adventure. Bunting (or “Joe” as I know him) is a bestselling writer, novelist, and a dad.

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5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

Small Business CEO

Despite the unprecedented influence of social media, the classic email remains a top marketing choice for business owners. However, many mistakes are made regularly that hurt prospects to increase sales and gain conversions. Even the most seasoned experts can slip up.

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Reluctancy and Humbleness

Daily Writing Tips

Synonyms are good. They enable us to narrow a concept to the exact connotation we wish to convey. Unnecessary synonyms, on the other hand, weaken writing and speech by replacing a strong word with an invented or obsolete equivalent.

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