Thu.Nov 01, 2018

?How Your Happiness Is Related To Your Health

Dumb Little Man

Over the past decade, a whole industry has grown around teaching people the secrets of happiness. You’ve probably seen shelves full of self-help books, each touting to help you find happiness. There are also courses and programs promising the same.

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How to thrive, not just survive as an Assistant

Practically Perfect PA

Let’s face it, we all know that sometimes you can have the best day at work when you feel on top of the world and you are high-fiving your teammates and CEOs… and sometimes you want to throw your resignation at the first person you see in the office and run as fast as you […].

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Poverty in America

Small Business Labs

In September the U.s. Census Bureau released the Supplemental Poverty Measure: 2017. It reports that 13.9% of Americans lived in poverty in 2017, which is statistically the same as in 2016. This leads to the obvious question what is - and why is there - a supplemental poverty measure.

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Successfully Overcome Challenges

Office Dynamics

Determine to Succeed. Attitudes are important to successfully overcome challenges. Right now, we have a lot of challenges facing us – the economy, companies downsizing, air travel stress, an election year on the horizon, and personal challenges. That is just life.

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How to Build a Powerful Partnership with Your Boss

Eat Your Career

Note: I realize that a lot of people dislike the word “boss.” I use it here for ease as a catch-all for any workplace superior. It is not intended to sound derogatory or condescending in any way.

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Podcast 105: Desk triage

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 105 and it’s about desk triage. Can you spare half an hour? What if it would make the following half hour twice as productive? And the hour after that too? Spending time on organizing is a great investment because it always gives you a high return, unlike other investments these days. Here’s how to start.

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4 Smart Tips to Create Financial Buffers in Your Business

Small Business CEO

If you own or manage a company, it’s essential that you give yourself financial buffers whenever possible.

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Smart Business Decisions To Keep Your Company Competitive

Small Business CEO

If you want to keep your company competitive, not only will you have to have a fantastic product or service, but you’re also going to have to have a backbone of incredibly smart business decisions. If you are at the top end of your company, it may be up to you to make those decisions.

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Short Guide to Advertising Black Friday Sales

Small Business CEO

Traditionally seen as a day of retail madness in the US, Black Friday has soon found it’s way to British high streets and online retailers, with mega savings available nationwide.

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