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Five great books about verbal communication

Practically Perfect PA

If you look at any job application for an Assistant role, you will find something about communication skills. It is a must-have in our profession.

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5 Easy Ways To Save Money

Dumb Little Man

No matter how well we’re told the economy is doing, we still quite often feel financially squeezed. From rent to the price of dinner, various living costs can take their toll on our bank accounts and leave us with precious little left over at the end of the month.

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More Americans Facing a Rent Burden

Small Business Labs

Nearly 43 million U.S. households rented their homes in 2016, which is about 9.3 million more than in 2004. 

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How to Vape Safely: 12 Tips and Tricks

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Vaping has taken the world by storm with more and more people getting interested in it and buying their own vaping kits. While this can be a safer alternative than smoking, it comes with its own hazards. Discover these tips and tricks on how to vape safely so you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience. Charge Your Device with the Manufacturer’s Charger.

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Are You An Aspiring Writer?

Office Dynamics

Are you an aspiring writer? What about an aspiring writer involved in the administration field? Are you looking to add to your writing experience? Well, you’re in luck!

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Using Augmented Reality Tech To Save Collaboration

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We’ve all been to meetings that could have been emails. You walk in and everyone is sitting around the table with their laptops in front of them and their phones in their hand. No one is really interacting in a way that could not be done from their desks. Why even have the meetings then?

Finding Your Flavour – How to Get Into the World of Hospitality

Small Business CEO

The hospitality industry is all about the relationship between a guest and a host. If you’re looking to get into the food and beverage world, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind before taking out a loan or making a large investment. Photo credit: [link]. Find Your Size.

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