Tue.Apr 24, 2018

Most Small Business Owners Positive About Automation Technology (Including its Impact on Employment)

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Despite all the noise about an automation and A.I. driven jobless future, small business owners are mostly positive about automation technology. They're even positive about how automation technology will impact their firm's staffing levels.

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How To Work And Travel The World: 10 Helpful Tools

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The difference between office and remote jobs is not in the place of work but in the freedom and responsibility. There is no boss who forces you to work and pays the salary at the end of the month. On the contrary, remote workers get paid only for what they actually do. The competition is harsh: there are millions of orders and potential executors so you have to fight for your client. Three years ago, I left my office job and after a few attempts, I decided to stick to online marketing.

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4 Steps To Supercharge Your Business Focus

Small Business CEO

Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your business is learning how to focus. Focus on the little things that matter. Focus on your broader picture in context. Focus on your target audience. Focus on your budget.

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Building Your Personal Brand: 3 Ways To Stand Above The Noise

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When people think about brands it’s easy to picture the titans of industry. The Apple’s, Amazon’s, Walmart’s, Coke’s and Google’s of the world are established brands that customers gravitate towards. However, you don’t have to be part of a big-name company to establish a strong personal brand. In today’s ever more competitive business landscape, it’s even more important to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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What Does Web Application Penetration Mean

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Web Application Penetration Testing is the procedure which uses penetration testing methods on a web app to find vulnerabilities. The process uses either manual or automated tests to spot any vulnerability, security issues, or threats to web applications.

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Lawsuits For or Against You and Your Business

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Even though you would probably prefer that your business never gets involved in any lawsuit, there are lots of different instances where it can happen. Sometimes they’re your fault. Sometimes they are not.

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3 Ways to Transform Your Small Retail Space to Increase Footfall & Sales

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A small retail space is an ideal choice for budget-constrained business owners as they don’t require a significant investment. However, making the most out of the area can be challenging, from making checkout convenient for shoppers to having enough ample space for your items.

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