Sun.Feb 23, 2020

Getting Back Time: Empowering Independence

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the things that can suck up a lot of our time is doing things for others. This is particularly apparent if you have kids that still live at home. If you can empower others' independence, you can get a lot of time back for yourself.

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3 Tips For Making Short-Term Financial Investments

Small Business CEO

When it comes to having your money earn you even more money, long-term investments will usually allow you to earn the most money. However, not everyone has the time or patience to put their money in long-term investments.

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Clever Space Saving Solutions for Small Offices

Small Business CEO

Having a clean and comfortable office space is very important for any business. It can provide a positive first impression for potential clients and encourage productivity and professionalism to anyone who occupies the space.

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