Tue.Apr 09, 2019

23% of Traditional Full-Time Job Holders Plan to Switch to Gig Work

Small Business Labs

According to MetLife's 2019 U.S. Employee Benefits Study, 23% of Americans with full-time traditional jobs intend to switch to gig work over the next 5 years. Another 14% say they are considering it. 

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Managing Multiple Managers

Office Dynamics

Managing multiple managers can be daunting. But that is the norm today. 90% of administrative and executive assistants support more than 1 person. It is a luxury if you only support one executive or manager. I know some administrative assistants who support an entire department of 60.

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How Your Home Affects Your Mood (And What To Do About It)

Dumb Little Man

Your home should be your castle, but it’s hard to be comfortable when you feel like the walls are caving in. The psychology of space goes deeper than just our physical likes and dislikes, choice of paint color or decorations.

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UK Property Market Outlook: Liverpool Attracting More Investors

Small Business CEO

Over recent years, more and more property investors have been choosing Liverpool. Its young population, booming regional economy and plethora of new developments have secured Liverpool a solid reputation as one of the UK’s best buy to let property hotspots.

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