Tue.Oct 15, 2019

Each Year a Lot of Americans Start and Stop Being Freelancers

Small Business Labs

One of the more interesting findings from the 9 years of data from the MBO Partners State of Independence study series is how many Americans enter and exit independent work.

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5 Things To Do After Failing An Exam

Dumb Little Man

“I’m doomed.”. This is probably your thought after failing an exam. It’s just like the world coming to an end. Then, you begin to imagine the worst, like you not being able to graduate or get a better job.

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One Year After Moving To Spain

Brilliantly Better

Today, October 15th 2019, marks the first anniversary of moving to Spain. Exactly one year ago, me and my partner, Raluca, flew from Bucharest to Valencia with just two suitcases each.

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Redefining Office Culture To Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Dumb Little Man

The evolution of the office dynamic is interesting to study. Since the 1950s, employers have been toying with and reconfiguring office layout and culture in strife to boost employee productivity.

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5 Ways to Get Free Business Advertising

Small Business CEO

The question has been asked by many people and businesses – How to get free advertising for your business? Luckily, there are a lot of free ways you can advertise your business. Please note that it’s recommended you do this even if you’re already doing paid advertising.

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