Thu.Jun 28, 2018

Stuck on the Right Words for Sensitive Topics? Get AP 2018

Business Writing

If you create newsletter articles, HR policies, forms, reports, or other pieces that touch on current topics and data, you may catch yourself wondering about word choice: transgender or transgendered? Eskimo or Inuit? Survivor or victim? The latest AP Stylebook.

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Food Delivery Forecast to Grow Rapidly

Small Business Labs

A new research report by financial giant UBS suggests that millennials are ditching the kitchen and instead opting for food delivery in a report titled “Is the Kitchen Dead.”. The report is not available to the public and we haven't seen it.

2018 173

Podcast 099: The virtual team

Clutter Coach

by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 99 and it’s about a productivity tool I call the virtual team. You assemble a virtual team with people in your life to help you be accountable. I came up with this idea for one of my clients who’s a consultant. He works for a company but doesn’t have an office there. His job involves working with people from different departments on different projects.

2018 100

11 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is Crucial In India

Dumb Little Man

India has a booming tourism market with more than 7.4 million people visiting India in 2016 alone, and a projected growth of 10.26 people in 2017. These numbers continue to climb, and people are drawn here for the colorful and different cultures, the breathtaking scenery, and the famous landmarks like the Khajuraho Temples and the Taj Mahal. With this increasing tourist trade comes the rising need to have good health insurance.

2018 138

Successful People Follow These 7 Productivity Rules

Small Business CEO

While there’s no such thing as an ideal, mold-making businessperson, successful entrepreneurs and executives share certain traits in common. Productivity is one such trait.

2018 70

5 Tips On Getting Ripped Without A Gym

Dumb Little Man

Getting ripped without a gym is possible. It starts with making some changes in your daily routine. Follow the tips below and you won’t only enjoy a better physique but you’ll be able to save a huge amount of money on gym memberships, too. Take a walk in the fresh air. Nothing can be as refreshing as an early morning walk or an evening walk.

2018 137

How to shift from learning to doing 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have to survive a tightrope balancing act when it comes to their own education. . No group of humans is hungrier for new knowledge and practical wisdom. The best entrepreneurs know how much they don’t know. They constantly seek to close that gap. . The serious, earnest entrepreneur assembles a personal MBA curriculum for themselves. Endless books. Courses. Events. It never ends. . It shouldn’t. Education has to be life long.

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