Wed.Sep 09, 2020

Two Reasons to Stop Striving Towards Perfection and Instead Be More Creative

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“I need to be the perfect student”. “I I must be the perfect employee”. “I I have to be the perfect parent”. Many people with high anxiety strive towards perfection. I have been known to be a perfectionist in school, always trying to get straight A’s and being disappointed with any grade lower.

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Most Want to Return to the Office, at Least Part-Time

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A recent study by Colliers , a global real estate services company, found that 83% of those working from home due to COVID-19 would prefer to continue doing so after the pandemic ends. As the study chart below shows (click to enlarge), 45% said they'd like to work from home 1-2 days per week.

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How to Recover and Grow a Failing Business with Adam Jacobs

Small Business CEO

There are a host of reasons why a business may be failing: insufficient marketing tactics, a lackluster service, economic or social circumstances (such as COVID-19 ), or otherwise. Recovering a failing business is an art within itself.

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New Business Ideas for During and After COVID-19

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2020 has seen the world of business change like never before, or at least in the living memory of most people. Around the world, people were suddenly forced to stop working or work from home. Now the restrictions have eased in many places, though resurgences continue sporadically.

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