Mon.May 03, 2021

You’re Wrong About These Foods Being Bad For You

Dumb Little Man

We’re constantly being told what we shouldn’t eat. That we have too much of something in our diet, that our favorite snacks are ‘bad’ for us, that we’re not “eating right”. But what if some of those rules – about the stereotypical ‘bad snacks’ – were actually food myths?

2021 176

Hiring an EA: Individual or Team Support?


Do you need executive assistant help in your business? Perhaps you’re not sure whether you need an EA for an individual, or for supporting a team of executives. In fact, many people don’t realize that’s possible!

2021 56

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3 Productivity Apps I’ve Added to My Workflow


I don’t write about apps or tools all that often, but when one (or more) adds value to my productivity then I’m inclined to share my thoughts.

2021 52

The World Behind My Morning Coffee

Brilliantly Better

I think I started to work from coffee shops more than a decade ago. Way before it was cool (I know I wrote that before, but I can’t get enough of it, to be honest). In time, I created a small routine. I wake up, do my personal rituals, and then I get out of. Read more.

2021 52

How to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Business

Small Business CEO

Creating a marketing agency was much more challenging three decades ago than it is today, as the barrier to entry was massive.

2021 56

How to Better Understand Digital Body Language

45 Things

As more of us prepare to move back into the office environment -- either permanently or on a more flexible basis -- we need to understand that Zoom calls and other forms of digital communication will become a permanent part of our career.

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