Mon.Jul 23, 2018

Why should an Assistant have a mentor?

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Over the last few years, I have often written and spoken about the benefits of having a mentor. The relationship really can bring lots of fantastic benefits for both the mentor and the person receiving their advice.

5 Habits Of Successful People You Should Be Following Today

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Ever wonder how successful people are so successful? Habits play a crucial role in shaping our lives. According to a psychology study at Duke University, 45% of everything we do on a daily basis factors in daily habits. We all know that bad habits can be detrimental to your mental and physical well-being. They can hinder your road to achievement and success. Good habits, on the other hand, can help you rise above others and be at your best. The concept of success differs with each person.

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Comments on Taking Notes by Hand or Computer

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I accidentally closed the Comments section for last week's post on taking meeting notes. If you wanted to comment, please do so. I apologize for the problem!

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Techies: Are You Willing to Embrace a Stupid Idea?

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Techies may believe they have nothing of value to learn from Lady Gaga when it comes to their careers, but they would be wrong. Gaga is adept at taking smart risks , says Whitney Johnson , an expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption.

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Staying Unbiased in These Partisan Times

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Since the founding of Emergent Research nearly two decades ago, our mantra has been follow the data to where it leads us. This requires us to minimize the impact of potential biases in our work.

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The Secret Is Out!

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The secret is out! Finally, the secret we have been building up to for several weeks is out. I am very pleased to announce the title of my new book, Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed.

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How to Begin Celebrating Small Wins to Start A New Life

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Starting a new life is not easy. You have to get rid of any bad, old habits. However, letting go of any habit or behavior is not easy, either. That’s why you have to set the goal you want to accomplish. On this journey, you need to identify the small wins that indicate that you are accomplishing something. These accomplishments motivate you to keep moving in the right direction. If we focused only on the big wins, we would never feel like we will ever get any achievements.

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How to Treat Driving for Uber Like a Business

Small Business CEO

Is driving for Uber a small business? It can be. You might not have employees, but you still have overhead, clients and a service to sell – your driving. The vast majority of drivers will operate as a sole proprietorship, but there are a few rideshare drivers that will incorporate or form an LLC.

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