Wed.May 23, 2018

What are the benefits of using a chauffeur service?

Practically Perfect PA

Using a chauffeur service for your executive’s travel is often perceived as a glamorous and luxurious benefit.

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8 Genius Fashion Hacks for Men

Dumb Little Man

Dressing sharp and looking smart doesn’t always mean having to burn a hole in your pocket with brand names. It’s actually useless without the proper know-how on how to style and carry yourself. Check out these very simple and doable fashion hacks for men that will have you looking extra dapper in and out of the workplace. Love the Blazer. Although a suit is always a good choice, a blazer is an essential piece to any wardrobe because it’s so versatile.

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Insights from a “Rock Star”: A Conversation with Joan Burge

Office Dynamics

OSU Administrative Professionals Hosted Joan Burge. Ohio State University Administrative Professionals Group hosted Joan Burge April 23, 2018, in an informal session called Insights From a Rock Star: A Conversation with Joan Burge.

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HSA or FSA: Which One Do You Really Need To Maximize Your Savings?

Dumb Little Man

If you have an FSA, chances are you just had to use it or lose it before tax season was up. If you have an HSA, chances are you have no idea why anyone would put money into an account that they couldn’t get back. So, what’s the difference? Should you get an HSA or FSA? About FSA.

2018 188

Getting Back to Happy with Marc and Angel Chernoff


On this episode of the podcast, I spoke with Marc and Angel Chernoff. Marc and Angel are the authors of the new book Getting Back To Happy: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality and Turn Your Trials Into Triumphs.

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3 Ways Asset Tracking Efficiently Helps Your Business Get More Done

Small Business CEO

RFID tracking and QR tracking tags are two forms of technologies that make it easier and more time-efficient for tracking assets. Why is managing your assets efficiently, via automated processes and management software, instrumental in optimising the facility’s workday?

2018 66

How to Stop Your Job from Ruining Your Vacation

45 Things

It's that time of year when many people are gearing up to take some time off. If you're like most people, you will still check your email (this is why smartphones were invented, right?) and may even call into the office.

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Playful Spaces: Why The Office Won’t Just Be About Work

Small Business CEO

Dogs, slides, park benches, and swings. These words are often associated with outdoor parks and playgrounds, but never offices or corporate spaces. This is changing. photo credit: Scott Beale / Flickr. The line that separates office and play blurs everyday.

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