Wed.Jan 22, 2020

5 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss You Need to Try

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It can be a complicated process to lose fat from our bodies as it is very stubborn. Apart from making individuals look bad, this fat can also bring about several health hazards like hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, and more. A fundamental way to reduce fat is by hitting the gym.

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Office Dynamics International Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiring Administrative Excellence

Office Dynamics

To Our Clients and Colleagues: 30 years is a long time to sustain and build a business in a very unique niche. one that I created. administrative training and development. There have been many ups and downs over the years but I would not have chosen any other path.

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What Your Wife May Need That You Don’t Know (Or Have Forgotten)

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Have you ever looked at you wife with frustration and thought (or said), “What do you want from me?”. It’s not at all uncommon. I counsel men everyday who find themselves in this exact place.

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Episode 280: All You Have to Do is Ask with Dr. Wayne Baker


On this episode of the podcast, I welcome Dr. Wayne Baker as my guest.

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3 Important Cloud Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

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Cloud computing has enjoyed a warm welcome this past decade, and the future is only looking better for the industry. It seems like only yesterday that you could finally create and save documents in the cloud. Goodbye, hard drives, and say hello to cloud storage.

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Managing a Remote Team? 6 Tips on Hosting an Effective Telephone Meeting

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Remote work in the United States has grown 159% in the last 12 years. Organizing a remote team can be challenging and requires non-traditional methods like telephone meetings and video conferences.

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7 Tried and Tested Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

While we now associate “guerrilla marketing” with the internet, entrepreneurs have long been trying different low-cost ways to bring attention to their businesses without spending the cash.

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