Thu.Nov 07, 2019

How to show empathy with even the most annoying person!

Practically Perfect PA

Assistants have buckets full of empathy; you wouldn’t be in the job if you didn’t. What I find is that empathy can often be taken advantage of by people who don’t respect what we do – be it, that colleague who wants your time or that Executive who doesn’t understand your role.

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How to Develop Property Listings that Make Purchasers Take Action

Dumb Little Man

After discovering a property representative, preparing your home for sale, and staging the house, you and your realty representative require to create remarkable real estate listing descriptions. The initial step that 42% of purchasers require to buy a home is to look for listings online.

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Does Word Order Matter? Think “Short to Long”

Office Dynamics

When polishing your sentences, pay attention to the nuances of word order. To my eye (and ear), placing “short” before “long” works best. This applies to both sentences and lists. Here’s a simple example: “He was well respected and loved in the academic community.”

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The Cozy Mystery Genre

Daily Writing Tips

As we are in the first week of NANOWRIMO—the yearly challenge to writers to produce a 50,000-word novel in the thirty days of November—an overview of the cozy mystery may be of use to participants who have chosen that genre as their challenge. The adjective cozy (Br.

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Finding the Right Cash Flow Solution for Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Starting and running your own business in a large city like Sydney can be tough. You will need to work with wily contractors, beat the competition and attract customers all at the same time. When your business is small, cash flow becomes all-important.

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