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Kick start your motivation

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A few years ago I was working as an EA in a large insurance firm. I’d been there a few years, I know the job inside out, I liked my colleagues and the work was okay. I would go into work every day, do my thing and leave at 5.30pm without a backwards glance. Good […].

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According to T. Rowe Price, Gig Economy Workers Pay More Attention To Their Money

Small Business Labs

The invest and mutual fund firm T.

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The Negative Effects of Technology in Child Development

Dumb Little Man

The number of hours that children spend on their devices and technical gadgets has increased exponentially. This is causing a lot of parents to feel alarmed as there are several negative effects of technology on child development. It Slows Down The Brain. Nowadays, children do not get enough exercise. They spend most of their time with their gadgets. This lack of exercise is extremely bad for their physical and mental health because it can slow down their development.

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A Complete Guide to Parentheses and Brackets

Daily Writing Tips

This post discusses the functions of parentheses and brackets, which are used to set off portions of text from the whole for various purposes.

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What to Say to Someone Who Cheated On You

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If your worst fears have been confirmed and you have discovered that your partner is cheating on you, you are probably wondering what to do now. There is likely some part of you that wants to find a way to inflict as much pain as possible on the cheater, but is that really the best way to handle things? Probably not. So, what do you do? Take a look at the tips below to help you get your thoughts in order before you approach your partner. Let it out.

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Today’s Administrative Professional

Office Dynamics

OfficeTeam just-released research in time for Administrative Professionals Week about the changing administrative profession and the role’s impact at work. The survey found that today’s administrative professional assistants save their bosses an average of 101 minutes a day.

Tips To Optimize Your Business Website Design

Small Business CEO

Getting your business website up and running is never the end of the journey in web design. Consider your business website a living, breathing creature that is constantly growing and evolving.

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