Sat.Oct 20, 2018

How Do I Get My Dishwasher To Stop Leaving White Powdery Film On My Glasses?

Dumb Little Man

Do you get that white powdery film on your glasses after you clean them in the dishwasher? Isn’t that annoying? Well, the good news is that removing white residue on glasses is actually easy. Here are a few things you can do make your glasses spotless after wash: Dishwasher Cleaning and Maintenance. Via The first thing you want to do is to ensure that your dishwasher parts are clean and in good working order.

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Look at Your Written Messages Through an Editor’s Lens

Office Dynamics

Whenever you write something—a report, proposal, or sensitive email—you naturally don a writer’s hat. But don’t stop there. You’re not finished! It’s time to scrutinize and then fine-tune what you’ve crafted. Start with this question: Does every word contribute to conveying your intended message? To answer it, be sure to reread your piece (three times or more) as if you’ve never seen it before. It’s akin to “thinking like an editor” by examining every phrase/sentence and asking: Is it NECESSARY?

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