Sun.Nov 10, 2019

Using the Right Tools

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I've talked about how you can take a tool that is not quite right and make it work for you. This is good if you cannot use a tool optimally, or don't really know how to use it fully. There are times, though, when you do know how to use a tool, but are forced to use a sub-optimal or substitute tool. And this can be a major hit to your productivity. The post Using the Right Tools appeared first on Laura Earnest. Productivity Tools

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Marketing

Small Business CEO

You just spent years developing the perfect product. You just opened your business online and as a brick and mortar establishment, but you can’t get any customers to come your way. You need marketing. Don’t get caught up in the misconception that marketing and advertising are one and the same. Marketing has a much broader spectrum. Proper marketing can drive your business forward over a much longer period of time.

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Of All the Things You Might Invest In, Which Ones Do You Choose?

Small Business CEO

It makes good financial sense to save your money. Do the safe thing and put it in a bank. But what if you want more? What if you want your money to make money for you? That’s when you should start thinking about investing. And when you begin going down that mental pathway, you reach an exciting set of questions. Which investments should you choose? Three quick categories of thought will come to mind. You could put money into investment properties. You could put money into the stock market.

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Don’t Let the Facebook Phishing Lawsuit Offer False Sense of Security

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Every Internet user must be aware of the dangers of phishing attacks. These types of scams are escalating. Facebook has recently taken action to help combat the growing problem of phishing. They filed a $2 million lawsuit against a number of fraudulent websites, as well as some domain hosts that gave them the opportunity to exploit their victims. The lawsuit alleges that the domain hosts were either intentionally or unintentionally complicit in the scams.

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