Wed.Jan 02, 2019

5 Quick Ways to Deal With the Confusion and Conflict Within You

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If you are going through a transition, you’d know how it feels. You may be confused, disorganized or even frustrated. You don’t know what’s what anymore and life doesn’t make sense. It used to be logical and you used to know what to do. Now, it’s all up in the air.

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Forget Resolutions, in 2019 I’m Going to Reach…What About You?

Tips From T. Marie

Welcome to 2019. To be completely honest, I’ve never been much of a “New Year’ fan. All the hoopla about making resolutions that wind up broken before winter winds stop blowing.

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The 5 Most Common Obstacles That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

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Let’s take the example of starting an Internet business as our model to see how to overcome your obstacles. Here are 5 of the most common ones you may come across while seeking your goal: Too much information. You’ve read the books, taken the teleclasses, and studied the websites.

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3 Types of Word Treatment

Daily Writing Tips

Spelling, capitalization, and italicization are three aspects of writing that careful writers will attend to. This post discusses the importance of recognizing standards and making conscious decisions when contemplating deviating from them. Spelling. Employing proper spelling is one of the fundamentals of composition. Unfortunately, the explosive increase in writing opportunities afforded by the internet and social media makes it easier for careless writers to spread viral errors.

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Should You Be Googling Yourself?

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In 2004, after being shot by an unknown assailant, one Australian man encountered some disturbing information from Google search results. Revealed in image searches and even filled in by Google’s autocomplete searches was his own name, linked with the names of local criminals, mobsters to be exact.

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How to Figure Out What You Want to Do Next

45 Things

For many people, today is the first day back at work after eating too many holiday cookies, watching "Elf" 14 times and hustling the kids back to school (whether they wanted to go or not because your sanity depended on it). It's also the time when you might begin to reassess your career.

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