Thu.Jul 12, 2018

How to Prepare for the Hurricane Season: 5 Important Tips to Follow

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Hurricane season officially started one month ago, but the peak has yet to come. Most severe hurricanes occur between mid-August and late September. This means you still have time to prepare your home and family by developing an effective hurricane plan. Last year was a historically catastrophic year for hurricanes with Maria, Harvey, and Irma doing unthinkable damage to North and Central America.

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Develop a Healthy Curiosity

Office Dynamics

I would like to focus on tips from my high-end boot camp for administrative and executive assistants called World Class Assistant. The topic is Develop a Healthy Curiosity. However, I want to assure you that if you are not in the administrative profession, you will still greatly benefit from today’s topic. So continue reading. In order to excel in today’s workplace, you will need to be a good investigator.

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How To Write Your Own Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

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Competency Demonstration Report or CDR is a technical document that needs to be submitted to the Engineers Australia for skills assessment process. In simple words, it could be your ticket to getting your Skilled Migration Visa. Well, as a professional engineer looking for an engineering job in Australia, CDR is possibly the best document that could get you there. It’s a representation of your engineering skills and competencies written in long essay format.

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MBO Partners’ 8th Annual State of Independence Report

Small Business Labs

MBO Partners released their 2018 State of Independence report this week. This is the 8th annual report in this series, making it the longest running look at independent work. Emergent Research (that's us) contributes to this study. The study's top line finding is despite low unemployment and a strong traditional job market, the number of independent workers increased to 41.8 million, up from 40.9 million in 2017. 

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How to stay informed without compromising on focus and productivity 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

The news is increasingly becoming one of the biggest obstacles to productive focus. . If you’re a creator who makes entering an effective “flow state” your mission, the multi billion dollar media industry is precisely opposed to that. . Instead, they want you “engaged”. . Not creating value, but consuming it. Clicking, scrolling and page views. .

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30+ Old Norse Words You Already Know

Daily Writing Tips

Probably you’ve never studied Conversational Viking, let alone claimed to speak it. But the language of the Vikings, Old Norse, has influenced the development of English more than any other language besides French and Latin. The Swedes, Norwegians, Icelanders, and Danes all spoke Old Norse in those days, usually called the “Danish tongue.”

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