How to Earn Money While Traveling

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Those who live for traveling, and there are many of us who do, crave for the opportunity to see amazing places in the world as often as possible. However, only a few people can travel the world and not worry about their finances. Travel Photographer. Travel Nursing.

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7 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Learn A New Language

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Learning a new language is not the easiest thing and knowing how to teach a foreign language to a child is even harder. For a young child though, learning a new language can seem like a very fun and exciting activity. Not every child has the same learning abilities.

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Assistant Recommended Apps for Travel

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All this information is waiting in the palm of your hand and it has the power to make travel for yourself or your leader so much easier! Best Apps for Travel Recommended by Assistants. Mobile travel planning made easy. A complimentary travel organizer.

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Tips for the Tourist in All of Us: The Savvy Admin’s Guide to Travel!

Office Dynamics

I have observed hundreds of assistants travel and heard numerous stories about their travel experiences both while in transit to Las Vegas and during their stay in Las Vegas. It is for this very reason that I had Nancy Fraze, an Office Dynamics journalist, write, a list of Travel Tips.

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10 Best Mobile Apps to Learn English

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If you’re learning English as a second language, you might want some extra help and support beyond your regular lessons. Alternatively, you might decide to dispense with lessons altogether and learn from websites or apps. 3: BBC Learning English ( Android and iOS ).

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10 Tips for Protecting Personal Data While Travelling

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Laptops and phones are powerful enough that we can complete most types of tasks while travelling; any location can be a workstation. This can be a major productivity boon if you’re traveling on business. Image via Wikipedia. Thanks to technology, work is not confined to the office.

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Beyond the In-Flight Movie: 9 Ways to Beat Boredom in the Air

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Perhaps one reason Americans don’t travel more is the long distances most of us have to fly to reach a foreign country. You don’t even have to worry about downloading them before your flight. See Also: 5 Effective Techniques To Learn A Language Faster . Fun Happiness Travel

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7 Things I Learned From My 4 Year Old Girl

Brilliantly Better

Following a tradition started 4 years ago, on her first anniversary, I’ll post the 7 lessons I learned from her in the last year. Watch Until You Learn I noticed that she wants to watch the same movie again and again. She watches movies until she learns them by heart.

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Practically Perfect PA giveaway: The Roomex winner is…

Practically Perfect PA

If you do book business travel to Berlin remember to download their city guide for business travellers. is the leading online hotel booking platform for business travel. Learn more.

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Why You Should Travel Back Through Time | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

We should revisit our knowledge, then and now, and see how much we’ve learned. 46 Responses to “Why You Should Travel Back Through Time&# Comments Read below or add a comment. As I work on a travel website, I’m literally travelling back in time to revisit different countries and remember my different experiences. Reply Frank ( @[link] ) February 22, 2010 at 4:33 am Sorry, I meant working on a travel website!

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From Executive Assistant to CEO

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She would travel with Mr. Hicks, sit in on important meetings, help get things done. Download our free white paper, "Defining Assistant Excellence". Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts.

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Thank you for joining our Admin Blog-a-thon, what’s next?

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Here’s a recap of just some of the amazing things that went on this year in celebration of you, Administrative Professionals: Executive Secretary Magazine sent out daily gifts from a variety of organizations specifically for administrative professionals learning benefit.

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Our Totally Free Thank You Gift

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Learn more about this special experience and what makes Who Took My Pen … Again? on it will download to your selected device. Office Dynamics International has been serving the Administrative Profession for 24 years (since 1990).

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Stick to Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions with These Tech Gadgets

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Whether you want to start getting fitter, sleep better, eat healthier, read more, travel to new places or learn something new, there’s a gadget that can help you. Travel More. See Also: 10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling.

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Webinar Replay Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge

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Learning Highlights. As an attendee, you will learn…. Learning how to illuminate your Executive’s shining star will be a great reflection on you! Download/Access Webinar Handout. Pre-webinar, review page 1 of your handout to learn how to get the most from this webinar. #1

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Career Success A to Z: N is for Non-Negotiable

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Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. Recommended Download: How Nourishing Is Your Career? I’m not willing to travel every other week the way I did for nearly a year in 2013. This article is part of a series.

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Organized Admin with Julie Perrine

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Webinar Resources & Downloads. Download the Chat Archive: Day 7 Chat Archive 12 Days. Download Your Certificate of Attendance: Certificate-Of-Attendance-From Chaos To Control. Travel Planning. Travel Planning.

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The Virtual Summit Hubs

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So far, we have 25 official hubs dotted around the world from large conglomerates, universities, the travel, fashion and leisure industry and some very funky startups. The Summit programme has now been finalised and can be downloaded here.

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Top 3 Gmail Productivity Tools

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My main reason was because, as I seem to be doing a lot of traveling lately, I wanted to be able to access my email on the go, especially from my laptop as I take it with me when I travel. I’m still on my learning curve! (c)

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Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

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As an attendee, you will learn…. Office Dynamics Resources: Career Portfolio Article: EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD Career Portfolio. The scholarship award does NOT include travel expenses. For further details please download the application here.

Career Success A to Z: E is for Etiquette

Eat Your Career

Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. When traveling alone, they keep their eyes firmly planted on the numbers ticking by, indicating the floor the elevator is passing. Members can download it here ). This article is part of a series.

Cost Effective Ways to Greenify Your Business

Eco-Office Gals

Therefore, as we explore some cost-effective ways to greenify your business, just keep in mind that we’re providing suggestions on how to make your company more energy efficient, which is not only better for the environment, but your budget too: Travel differently. Download some apps.

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7 Ways to Live Within Your Means

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It is a struggle to battle out bills, rent, food, social life, and maybe travel expenses too. Learn how to cook. So from now on, learn to cook even just the simplest of dishes to have more spending money for the weekends and be healthier as well. Download saving apps. Financial gurus often talk about living within your means. You hear it all the time but do you know what it truly means? Have you figured out how to do this?

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How to Increase Shopify Sales with The 5 Best Tools for Beginners

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Learning how to increase Shopify sales will give you a great advantage over more than 500,000 Shopify users across 175 countries. Traveling bags. Doesn’t support digital downloads. Learning how to increase Shopify sales can help improve your strategy and put you ahead of your competitors. Opening your shop in Shopify doesn’t automatically mean you’ll succeed.

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Today’s Admin Needs to Become a Mobile Office Pro

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Apps for file access, e-mail, calendar, password protection, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, virtual meetings, news, weather and travel are examples of key productivity tools mobile devices should have installed. Learn more by using the guides.

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The Assistant Toolkit

Practically Perfect PA

I have just finished the regional events and we are just adding the final details to Assist Travel. The first Practically Perfect PA eBook is available for everyone to download and I am just about to launch this year’s Industry Snapshot survey… So busy, busy!

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How to Stay Your Professional Best During Summer

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I know that when I travel in the summer to places that are 85 degrees with 80% humidity, I feel like a mess! Download the Chat History and your Certificate of Attendance. Learn more at #adminconf. I hope you are staying cool.

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Is Technology Good Or Bad?

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However, there are also apps that offer guided meditation audio and they have been download more than 21 million times. Online Learning Technology. Lifelong learning has been shown to diminish feelings of anxiety and depression and to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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Listen Live to Stephanie on Solace Wealth Management on Jan 28.

Productive & Organized

  Learn more: or   Tweet     in News & Updates!   Learn more: or   Tweet     Click to get posts as we publish Prefer less email?

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Guest Post: Tips & Tricks for Using Skype for Business

Tips From T. Marie

She wears many hats, including fashionista, food critic, world traveler, ESL instructor, web marketer and more. Her goal is to inspire and promote learning, one helpful guest post at a time. If whomever you’re communicating with does not want to download the app, then you can direct them to the Skype Meetings App where they can get the plug-in. Tips from T.Marie is happy to offer the following guest post by Kathy Finsterle.

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6-Month Lead, Leverage & Leap Programs – - Q&A

Step It Up VA Coaching

Or it could be someone newer who is just ready to lessen the learning curve and build a strong foundation from the start. The group coaching calls will primarily be held on Tuesdays at 1:00pm EST (dates differ by month due to travel engagements, etc). Download your application and send it off, today! My team and I have been fielding a LOT of phone calls and emails with questions about my 6-Month Lead, Leverage & Leap Programs for 2013.

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Blog Hopping Tour pulls into the Loosely Speaking depot

Loosely Speaking

Where do they hang out to learn or gather information? For many, there is a misconception that VAs can learn all they need by asking questions on forums and listservs. Relative to time, the majority of online courses are available for download and replay.

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Answers to YOUR Biggest Challenges to GETTING IT ALL DONE - What Do I Delegate / Outsource?

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This option works great if you are patient and like working with people that are in a learning mode. I used to download that mp3 from cinch and then upload it to my audio acrobat account to get it on my podcast and itunes with keywords description etc as well as publish to facebook, etc. I did other things in-between the download and upload times, etc.   I wrote out the steps for them to do all the downloading and uploading, etc.

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Career Management: Defining the Process and Purpose

Eat Your Career

For most people, your career can provide you with the means to achieve a great number of other personal goals, like buying a house or starting a family or traveling the world. Have you downloaded my free career management mini-workbook yet?

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Listen Live to Stephanie Share Her Story on #WIBRadio on Jan 3.

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Standard Operating Procedures: Tips for Creating Business Systems | Office Organization & Office Efficiency | OfficeArrow

Learn about all the benefits of becoming a member or Sign up Now! | Cart Sign Up | Forgot Password | Contact Us Get more from OfficeArrow! OfficeArrow: Working Together for You.

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5 Cases of Too Few or Too Many Hyphens

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They criticized the arbitrary measures taken so far on the air-travel security front.”. The front in question is not a security front pertaining to air travel; it is a front pertaining to air-travel security. For that reason, security should be linked to “air travel” to modify front as one unit: “They criticized the arbitrary measures taken so far on the air-travel-security front.” (The in the area of security during air travel”).

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Eliminate Computer Clutter and Embrace Digital Minimalism


Her passion is in helping other freelancers learn how to grow their businesses without sacrificing work-life balance. I have 8 folders that I use: Freelance Work, Blog Work, Travel Documents, Taxes, Copies of Important Paperwork, Old/Archived Work Documents (from previous jobs, useful for my freelance portfolio), Photos, and Resume. Empty your downloads folder. If like me, you’ve been hoarding documents in your download folder. Go through your download folder.

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Stephanie Hosts Jill Hively: What's for Dinner? 5 Steps to Meal.

Productive & Organized

Register Today:  What's for Dinner - 5 Steps to Meal Planning Success You Will Learn You will get insider meal planning tips from a dietitian who has planned menus for over 130,000 customers with a wide-range of tastes & preferences. 

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Updating to wordpress 2.7

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Other unresolved matters: Slow as molasses after the update WYSIWYG dissabled in the “Write Post&# area I love working with WordPress, and I have learned not to have a panic attack every time I do an upgrade.

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Reclusion vs. Seclusion

Daily Writing Tips

One of its meanings is a desirable separation from the hustle and bustle of daily life: Wilderness lodges and resorts offer the utmost in luxurious accommodations and amenities, while providing the seclusion that many travelers seek when they visit Alaska.

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Save Time Doing Simple Things that ADD UP to Major Time Savers

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  (I learned this the hard way when I was in 6th grade and the adult I was with locked her keys in the car during a terrible snow storm.  Assume they want to learn. Learn whatis enhancing or impeding your productivity today!

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Communication Productivity Tip: Don't Make People Search for You.

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  Learn more: or , or call 309.826.5263. Learn whatis enhancing or impeding your productivity today! Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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