How to Use Video to Drive Business – to – Business Sales

Andrea Kalli

Business-to-business, or B2B buyers today do not contact a supplier directly until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete, research shows. For businesses, this means that much of the decision-making process takes place before a potential B2B purchaser even contacts you to discuss your products or services. These videos also promote your brand and knowledge, serving as informational and engaging trend pieces.

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How To Trick Out A Facebook Business Page | Internet Marketing.

Andrea Kalli

Ways to promote your page Link: Suggest to Friends Facebook Fan Box Link to FB page, link to specific tab url Mention it on Twitter Typical avenues: email signature, website, enewsletter, blog, email blast Facebook Page Ads – pay-per-click The true benefits of using Facebook Business Pages Are indexed by search engines Provides offsite community-building opportunities Viral-ability: The more valuable content you add, the more people will comment.

How to Use Videos for Building Your Business and Brand – An Ideas Checklist

Andrea Kalli

Promotional. Promoting a service or product – including Product Introductions and new Services. Do you run monthly or quarterly promotions? Consider creating a series of demo videos if you want to show potential clients how your product, service, or tool works. Promoting an event – Compilation videos are great for this. Coaches and Consultants: promote your programs by dripping out value content on a few key topics you typically include in your paid products.

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