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Does Your CRM System Help Your Business Grow? Interview: @batchblue

Stephanie LH Calahan

  Keep reading to learn more about what makes this tool unique and maybe you will decide that it could be one of your Productivity Powerhouse Tools too! Our first product, BatchBook, is a Web-based, customizable on-line contact relationship manager (CRM) designed to help growing small businesses organize their contacts and social networks. We also offer users regular webinar training sessions with live product demos.

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Productive Communication & Marketing : How to Manage All of Those Links! Interview with @ItsMyURLs CEO @hustle247

Stephanie LH Calahan

How many social networks do you belong to?  Now, take a look at your business card, brochures or other social media profiles.    That often means that we are spending various amounts of time on a number of social media sites or niche sites along with the sites we have created for our own businesses. Thank you, Steph, glad to be interviewed on P&O!    Any big lessons learned?

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How to Use Videos for Building Your Business and Brand – An Ideas Checklist

Andrea Kalli

You just have to learn what to do and where to start. Interview series. Social Media. Consider creating a series of demo videos if you want to show potential clients how your product, service, or tool works. Video record live interviews you host, and post them on your website and social media channels. It takes time and experience to learn what your audience wants from you. A Quick Guide to Video Marketing for Small Business.

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