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Guest Post: Ritz-Carlton Customer Service Secrets

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is known worldwide for it’s “legendary service.” They’ll say things like “Give great service.”

‘WOW’ customer service has to be reliable and consistent

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With the convenience of online browsing, the possibilities are endless, but how will our online retailers handle customer service?

The silent exit of poor customer service

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Most customers who feel they have been the recipients of poor customer service will never vocalize their feelings to a particular organization.

The need to improve customer service in our schools

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School districts are obligated to deliver good customer service. School districts can survey parents and students for suggestions.

Surprise! Your Customer Service Ain’t All That.

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A recent article on Small Business Trends explains that although you may believe you and your business are providing excellent customer service, chances are your customers/clients aren’t exactly on the same page. Obviously, as business owners we tend to be biased about the delivery of good customer service.

What Mickey Mouse can teach us about customer service

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Their opinions are heard, they contribute suggestions on how to improve service, and are motivated to do the best job they can.

Can your business measure up on customer service?

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So what makes a company measure up on customer service? Can you measure customer satisfaction? photo credit: Adam @ ecadamf.

Walmart’s dismal customer service scores drive customers away

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Amazon led all e-commerce retailers with a score of 88 according to For See’s E-Retail Satisfaction survey. Don’t be negative.

What happened to customer service at Sears?

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Customer service begins with employees who want to be working and doing their best. So what has happened? billion in 2012.

Americans changing banks because of fees and poor customer service

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Now this is where surveys commonly get confusing. percent of customers compared to 8.8 percent of customers lost in 2010. still a leader in customer service

Service Untitled’s newest customer service facility opened on Friday with a fanfare of speeches and a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Received lousy customer service? Complain about it on Gripevine

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Just a month out into the public venue, the site Gripevine emerged offering dissatisfied customers the ability to “amplify their online voice.”

Medicare forcing hospitals to improve their customer service

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They are demanding the entire hospital staff attend customer satisfaction seminars. Was your pain well-controlled? Was your room clean?

Internet retailers should capitalize on customer service

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pop-ups, forms, surveys, or the need to log in for a membership. Generic email messages do not inspire customer loyalty. There are no.

Time to outshine your competitors with your customer service

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Customers are just tired of dealing with retailers who ignore customer service while pretending to have it. photo credit: yoppy.

‘Tis the season to rev up the customer service

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According to a Price Grabber survey, 45 percent of consumers say they are going to spend less on holiday shopping compared to what they spent in 2010.

Airports and excellent customer service – can it really be?

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Scores were rated on accessibility, check-in, security, terminals, food and retail service, and the efficiency of baggage claim.

What it takes to succeed as a customer service representative

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The best customer service representatives focus on people. The best customer service representatives are team players.

Poor customer service results in long term brand damage

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Just think about the effects of poor customer service on our own shores and how easily bad news spreads so quickly.

Chick-fil-A recipe for excellent customer service

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That sounds more like the upscale restaurant we visit once in a while, but the Atlanta-based franchise is well-known for its passion and service.

Customer-Obsessed Service

Customers Rock!

Social media has pushed customer service to the forefront for many organizations. In my book , I talk about Killer Customer Service.

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Customer service representatives are heroes too

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On January 21, a customer service agent for has been lauded as a hero after some quick thinking.

BYOD Improves Customer Service Workflow

Office Dynamics

These two concepts have the potential to become a reality with the latest trend in customer service, BYOD or "bring your own device."

When businesses decide to neglect customer service

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Do these powerful organizations therefore view customer service as an operational cost rather than a marketing investment?

Better banking customer service please

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Except for well-paid banking executives, I doubt there are many people who would not agree that banks need to improve their customer service skills.

Complain constructively for better customer service

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We’re obviously all looking for better prices and better service, but how do we handle situations when they go awry?

Of car dealerships and customer service

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Part of the criteria used to measure customer satisfaction were the “touch points&# of people, presentation, process, product, and price.

Businesses using Facebook for customer service

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Of those organizations, 23 percent rely on social networks to support their customer service and to provide feedback.

Would your customer service entice me to buy from your organization?

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How soon will it be before a service representative gets back to a customer? Service Untitled” photo by: portland general.

Customer service tips for police officers offered

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So let us look into what important basics of customer service we would like to expect from police officers regardless of the country they serve.

Inexpensive customer surveys can provide valuable feedback

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At one time only large organizations could afford the expense of customer surveys. Where else do you buy similar supplies?

Finding a real person when contacting customer service

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Consumer Reports tell us that organizations rarely listen to the surveys they ask when we hear the infamous, “Your call is very important to us.

Customer service continues to center on good client communication

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Customers are empowered with online resources to share opinions. What are the golden rules of knock-down, kick-butt, customer service?

Has the holiday shopping season started off with quality customer service?

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Hardly sounds like much customer service was going on. Angry Customers Customer Satisfaction Customer Service

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The Mercedes Benz customer experience shines

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Mercedes-Benz came out on top for customer service followed closely by Jaguar, Lexus, and BMW. photo credit: DomSupra.

A difference of perception when dealing with customers

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And how does that make other employees deal with angry or dissatisfied customers? So was I a client from Hell? photo credit: pcutler.

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‘Social listening’ can help businesses become more effective

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Michael Dell’s “direct-to customer-heritage” starts with training. Can personal customer service survive in a digital world?

Customer surveys can make a difference in business

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Feel free to use a few open-ended questions and ask customers what your company could do to earn the highest rating.

Consumer Reports’ fast food survey echoes public demand for service

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In the name of competition, fast food establishments are judged on their food, their customer service, and customer experiences.