Customer Service Through Social Media: The game has changed

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Harry is with Useful Social Media , and I will be presenting at their New York Conference on Social Media and Customer Service next week. The rise of social media has changed customer service beyond recognition.

Measuring the Impact of Social Media

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This post is part of the Social ROI Blog Carnival at Think Customers: the 1to1 Media blog. Visit the blog carnival post “ Calculating the ROI of Social Media ” to check out the full list of posts from numerous well-known social media thought leaders.

Using Social Media to Build Relationships

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A lot of businesses love social media because they feel it helps them spread the word about their organization and what they do. I predict this will be a big focus for social media in 2012. As anyone in social media knows, not everyone is your friend online.

Can Social Media Build Relationships?

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Posted by Deborah Chaddock Brown on June 12, 2010 under Connecting Moments , social media | Be the First to Comment Yesterday on LinkedIn I found a question started by Pete Radke spurred on by an article he read. His question: Does Social Media Weaken Relationships ?

How to Prospect, Using Social Media

The Solopreneur Life

Social media is growing by leaps and bounds, but it can be difficult to get a handle on it, and how it can really impact your business. Certainly there are a number of reasons to be active in social media, but building new business is often more important to freelancers than other social media benefits, like branding and customer service. Using Social Media to Identify Prospects. Qualifying Prospects Using Social Media.

What You Can Learn from @Charter about Social Media

Tips From T. Marie

As a Virtual Online Technology Assistant and a small business owner who has had a good deal of success using social media I’m often asked by others about how to use social media successfully for their own businesses.

Killer Customer Service, or Customer-Killer Service?

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Keep customers coming back so they will continue to earn points and hopefully continue to spend money with the business. This is most likely intended to help the airline stay top-of-mind with the customer and gently encourage them to book their next flight with the airline.

The Zen of Social Media Marketing

The Small Business Blog

1 week ago RT @ WinWeb Why Working Online With An Accountant Will Benefit Your Small Business - [link] 1 week ago Holmes: "It has no God-given right to succeed if it does not give customers what they want." You can buy “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” here.

Customer service and the impact of social media

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There is absolutely no getting away from social media. So how does all of this fit into the ever broadening sea of customer service? In other words, before venturing into the world of social media, have a plan and define your goals.

Focus on Customer Service in 2010 (Finally?)

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2010 may just be the year that companies start to focus on their customers and serving them well. Now, I am cautiously optimistic about this focus on customer service, but let me tell you why I feel this way. Every customer touch is another brand impression of the company.

2010 169

How to Improve Multi-Channel Customer Service

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Without your customers, your business wouldn’t be successful, so of course you want to treat them well and make sure that you’re addressing every one of their needs. … Information Technology Customer Service customer service technology voice customer service

How to survive customer service blunders in the world of social media

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I heard the term “social vampire” in 2005 when it referred to a person who more or less attached them self to someone and piled on attention until they felt that the person they were endowing with excessive flattery liked them in return. Will customers lie?

Prepare a strategy for social media customer service

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Businesses work social media to help make them successful, but it is wise not to just rush in and set up Facebook and Twitter accounts without having a viable plan. Social media is vulnerable to circumstances, content, and interpretation.

Surprise! Your Customer Service Ain’t All That.

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A recent article on Small Business Trends explains that although you may believe you and your business are providing excellent customer service, chances are your customers/clients aren’t exactly on the same page. In fact, when founder Mike Blumenthal conducted a survey, although business owners themselves believed that 75% of customers were experiencing excellent customer service, the customers themselves had something else to say.

Administrative/Clerical: Social Media is Here to Stay

Office Dynamics

Social media has the power to connect professionals and consumers, making it a valuable tool in everyday business operations. For administrative and clerical professionals, social media can streamline communication and increase discourse.

23 Small Business Social Media Dos and Don’ts

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For cash strapped small businesses social media can be a cheap and effective way to promote your business/brand and increase revenue. At the same time many SMBs don’t properly utilize social media or ignore it altogether. Do be active on your social profiles.

Social Media is Not About Direct Marketing

Andrea Kalli

Record whether or not they include links to their sales pages (or service pages if they’re a service business), how often they link to external sources, and how often they ask for feedback from their customers. AirAsia is on Twitter and it uses the service effectively.

The Seven Things I Love About Social Media

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Blogging – sharing my thoughts about customer service and learning from others about topics I’m interested in. Plus, you can listen to comments from your customers the instant they have something to say. I love that I can upload a video of my daughter’s flute recital, photos from my trip to Italy or, an Animoto video of my customer service book and share with customers, friends and Tweeple. It’s just so simple to connect with customers!

Social Media Basics for Bootstrap Businesses

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1 week ago RT @ WinWeb Why Working Online With An Accountant Will Benefit Your Small Business - [link] 1 week ago Holmes: "It has no God-given right to succeed if it does not give customers what they want." What better way to do this than through social media?

Customer Service Blogs to check out

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He offers up: Amazingserviceguy By Kevin Stirz Business Is Personal By Mark Riffey Customers Rock! By Becky Carroll CustServ By Meikah Delid Maximum Customer Experience By Kelly Erickson People2People Service By Maria Palma QA QnA By Tom Vander Well Return Customer By Joe Rawlinson (Joe and I both started customer service blogs in April 2005.) And I agree, Church of the Customer is a great add to the list!)

Can Facebook emotionally manipulate customer service?

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In a week long “social experiment,” the News Feed content was changed. We do research to improve our services and to make the content people see on Facebook relevant and engaging as possible. Behind the Scenes Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Specific Companies

Is Using Social Media at Work a Good Idea?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Thursday, July 22, 2010 Is Using Social Media at Work a Good Idea? Do you think its OK to use social media at work?

How to effectively complain using social media

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Now the average customer can get immediate gratification; no phone calls to the organization to find out the CEO’s name and no waiting weeks for a response as the letter snakes itself around various departments looking for a solution.

Is There a Difference Between Customer Service and Customer.

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Posted by Deborah Chaddock Brown on August 10, 2010 under Customer Moments , Employee Moments , First Impressions | Read the First Comment Customer Relationships are just like good friends They sound similar but do they mean the same thing?

Social Media Work

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Social Media, they work for companies. Social media are really making it possible for companies and consumers to bridge the gap between them. Businesses are now using social media for a whole range of communication efforts that include- marketing, public relations, and even customer service. Just as businesses are using social media for their internal and external communications, consumers are using them too.

Are Social Media Websites The Next Collaboration Tools?

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Social media has invaded modern life and anyone not on any of the big three platform is practically unknown. Although long overdue, businesses are finally embracing social media as the new platform to make them known. Are social media websites the next collaboration tools?

Four Social Media Strategies Small Businesses Can Use to Beat.

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Now, thanks to social media, it is something that can really happen for small, efficient, and ultra-effective internet businesses. Rather than reaching out to potential customers through social media, they favor a mass media approach — banner ads, pop-ups, and email lists.

How to treat bad comments on social media sites

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Social media customer service is the quickest way for organizations to handle customer complaints, but it’s for all the world to see and can definitely have some negative effects on a company’s reputation.

Increasing customer service popularity with Facebook

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Facebook gives organizations the opportunity to “WOW” customers with their human and approachable touch so important to building business, loyalty, and the development of a company’s brand. Constant monitoring can help customers find answers before comments become negative.

When businesses decide to neglect customer service

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Do these powerful organizations therefore view customer service as an operational cost rather than a marketing investment? Even in huge industries, the cost of keeping existing customers is still far less expensive than recruiting new ones.

A practical approach to dealing with customer service frustrations

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No doubt, it has been a tough week for customer service. Internal Revenue Service acting agency head, Steven T. Miller who is resigning from his post stated earlier this week: “I can say generally, we provided horrible customer service.

Small businesses and the importance of outstanding customer service

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Although it is very convenient to shop online, many customers still enjoy the experience of touching merchandise and browsing in a brick and mortar store; hence the popularity of small neighborhood businesses. Customer service has to be proactive.

How to help call center representatives improve customer service

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Centralized call centers receive and transmit an enormous volume of telephone requests daily, with the purpose of collecting and handling information, ranging from product inquiries, questions about transactions, and customer service.

Social Media: Simply a Distraction, or an Actual Tool for Productivity?

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the most significant trends thus far in the 21st century is the emergence of social media. Even though the first social media site, SixDegrees, was created in 1997, it wasn’t until companies like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter launched their portals that the phenomenon became a milestone of Internet communications. Social media has also become on of the biggest “time-suck” activities in the modern workplace. Social Media at Work.

How not to act when customer service fails miserably

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This week was a drama-filled example of a customer “gone wild” when an incredibly frustrated customer service recording from Reddit was made public on YouTube. Was the customer service rule at the company never to hang up on anyone or be fired?

How credit card companies offer different levels of customer service

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So are there different levels of service for credit card customers depending on one’s credit and past financial history? Need to know how to maneuver your way around customer service departments of credit card companies to get satisfactory service?

Good Customer Service Can Go A Long Way | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

1 week ago RT @ WinWeb Why Working Online With An Accountant Will Benefit Your Small Business - [link] 1 week ago Holmes: "It has no God-given right to succeed if it does not give customers what they want." But, what makes good customer service? E-Mail me or follow me.

Customer experience trends engraved in social media channels

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Paul Stockford, president of Saddletree Research, an organization that gauges industry change trends, notes that the changes of customer experience management will continue an upward movement in social channels. Powerful brands help customers make educated choices.

Behind the Social Media Curtains: Virtual Assistants

Denise Aday

Perhaps that explains some of his grumpiness regarding the use of virtual assistants in social media. But… I agree with much of what he said in his post yesterday, “Looking Behind the Curtains on the Social Media Stage: Humans Don’t Scale&#. But there are aspects of social media that virtual assistants can handle that free clients up for more of that intended 1:1 interaction.

Book Review: The Customer Service Survival Kit

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The Customer Service Survival Kit was written by Richard S. Chapter One begins with the “uh-oh” moment; one most of us in any service oriented business has encountered. So what are the ways to defuse angry customers?