More practical customer service training needed for Comcast

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There is no doubt once a customer has surmounted the difficult climb to the higher levels of Comcast customer service that supervisors beat the bushes down to make sure customer expectations are satisfied and even exceeded.

Customer Service Through Social Media: The game has changed

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Harry is with Useful Social Media , and I will be presenting at their New York Conference on Social Media and Customer Service next week. Plus, Harry interviewed me about my book, The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers.

Killer Customer Service, or Customer-Killer Service?

Customers Rock!

Unable to do that due to the aforementioned company policy (and with no other potential trips on the horizon), my friend lost his accrued points (and a future flight to Europe). Customers are watching the actions of your company. Are they helping your customers to buy more from you?

Take a Customer Service Approach to Retain Employees

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Four ways to use the customer service approach to retain employees. Outspoken billionaire and founder of Virgin Airlines Richard Branson once said that employees come first in a company, even before customers. There is one caveat of warning with an open-door policy.

BYOD Improves Customer Service Workflow

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Imagine being able to assist customers from the comfort of your own home, or even better, imagine being able to reach a customer service representative without having to be put on hold.

‘WOW’ customer service has to be reliable and consistent

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With the convenience of online browsing, the possibilities are endless, but how will our online retailers handle customer service? The customer service representative was exceptional and spent the time trying to figure out what replacement cushions would have the best result.

U.S. airlines improving customer service?

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The trade industry organization Airlines for America has reported customer service for airlines improving in three different areas. Possibly Related Posts: Customer service ratings for airlines during Hurricane Irene If you had to cancel your flight because of Hurricane.

Ease up on customer service demands during inclement weather

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It is the responsibility of airlines and other services to safely operate during severe weather and emergency conditions. Businesses that stay open during harsh conditions often have employees who have risked their own safety and comfort to provide necessary services.

Take lessons from the leaders in customer service

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There is no relaxing elevator music where I can work until an agent answers; instead I’m forced to listen to a litany of advertisements offering me more services that might very well call me back to this same maze of customer service mediocrity.

Book Review: The Customer Service Survival Kit

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The Customer Service Survival Kit was written by Richard S. Chapter One begins with the “uh-oh” moment; one most of us in any service oriented business has encountered. So what are the ways to defuse angry customers?

Top 6 Secrets To Great Customer Service

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Each of us has different experiences with customer service; some are good while most that we hear about are just horrible. Businesses, no matter how big or small, need to evaluate how well they are serving their customers.

Getting back to the basics of effective customer service

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No matter how quickly technology continues to dazzle us with innovative ways to contact our customers, understand new products, or strive to make purchasing convenient and quick, satisfied customers and our future relationships with them are what keeps our businesses growing.

Is your customer service “naughty” or “nice?”

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Consumer Reports does qualify their list as neither an approval or disapproval of an organization as a whole, but Tod Marks, the senior editor and resident shopping expert states it is about “specific policies regarded as customer friendly.”

Budget cuts for the IRS result in unreliable customer service

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Tax season is finally over, and those economic gray hairs have been remanded back to the colorists at our hair salons, but budget cuts continue to show a significant decline in the Internal Revenue Service to the American public. When Ben Franklin said, “The only certain things in life are death and taxes,” perhaps we are all entitled to a better level of public service; at least while we’re alive.

Employ more customer service options to provide a concierge level of excellence

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It’s not that we need surveys to show which organizations step out of the box to ensure a concierge level of excellence so coveted by consumers; organizations like Zappos, Amazon, and Nordstrom essentially offer everyone “fantastic” service.

Celebrating National Customer Service Week by honoring the best

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It’s no coincidence that National Customer Service Week is celebrated this late on the calendar; it’s the unofficial launch of the biggest shopping experience of the year as the holiday season closes in and shoppers start counting down the days to family and friend celebrations.

I’m telling my friends about the bad customer service

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At the time and day this poor service happens we are angry, and we vow the moment we get home we will get a letter out to the CEO of the company and reiterate the miserable events of either our last purchase or service. So who do we tell about bad service? Still imagine all the damage this entire bad customer service experience has had on the business. Some organizations seem to have misplaced the concept of customers first.

Auto insurance companies working on their customer service experiences

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Automobile insurance companies are going all out to please their customers. We didn’t shop around, and who would have thought that an automobile insurance company would actually cater to a customer?

Empowering your employees to deliver excellent customer service

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Let us assume we have a great product, and we have intelligent, competent customer service representatives who want to do a great job exceeding their customer expectations. Most companies begin training customer service representatives with a training manual.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Internal customer service counts too

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. Internal customer service provides our coworkers within our company information or services. When customers.

Prepare a strategy for social media customer service

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While good reviews about a company’s product or services may build brand loyalty, a problem with a product or service can quickly escalate and get out of control. That’s where policy procedures come into play.

Building a business culture to deliver the best customer service

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These are the organizations who have figured out how to delight their customers and even make them smile. After all isn’t the Zappos’ motto “powered by service” incredibly motivational which delivers a message of trust and reliability?

Has the holiday shopping season started off with quality customer service?

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Hardly sounds like much customer service was going on. Dozens of surveys state that customers will pay more for a better customer service experience. But even though the sales were huge, the shoppers all agreed on what they look for in outstanding customer service.

Don’t expect customer service from your health insurance company

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California PPOs received low ratings for various quality measures – especially customer service according to a new report released by the state’s Department of Insurance. So why is customer satisfaction so incidental to health insurance companies?

The top ten retailers for best customer service

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The National Retail Foundation along with American Express listed the top ten retailers for best customer service selected by shoppers in their sixth annual Customers’ Choice Survey. Lands’ End gives repeat customers faster service.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Ranking customer service for airlines

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. They also ranked first in customer service for May and June with complaints listed at 1.87 Explosive service failures create complaints but are less frequent.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » uses customer service.

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. with exceptional prices, 24 hour service, 7 days a week, overnight delivery and free shipping on “everything but the baby.&# L.L.Bean ranks #1 in customer service L.L.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » B&H Customer Service

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. I didn’t notice much that was just kept in boxes or otherwise inaccessible to customers. Liberal return policy.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Abercrombie & Fitch Customer Service

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. Abercrombine enforced a policy that essentially made no difference (and inconvenienced a customer) on principle.

The Old College Try

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Greg and I are kindred spirits when it comes to customer experience, and I asked him to share a recent car rental story and the lessons one can learn from it. Lesson #1 – The Company Process Doesn’t Always Benefit the Customer. The customer cares whether you get it done.

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A few lessons learned from new PayPal president David Marcus

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Of course, with corporate duties and other upper tier responsibilities, the waters of dealing directly with customers often are muddied, but it’s obvious executives still need to tune into what is going on for all levels of business. Received lousy customer service?

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Give customers what they want

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Southwest Airlines topped all of their rivals again in the American Customer Satisfaction Index produced by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. travelers are generally disgruntled over the lack of integrity and the lack of customer service.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Help customer focus with the.

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. Here are some criteria to consider: Stay away from those customer service representatives who respond negatively to customer demands.

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Leading and Working with a Multi-VA Team

Denise Aday

I do so because a) I like the transparency and ability for clients to see exactly what they’re paying for and b) it’s actually a service item. We juggle quite a lot for our clients and process a high volume of communication, so this is a billable service unto itself that doesn’t belong in overhead. Feature this in service packages. Things that require highly specialized knowledge and have legal ramifications I just won’t bring in-house as a service offering.

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Using Twitter to get a company’s attention

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After Armstrong tweeted about his experience, a Southwest Airlines customer service representative contacted him and arranged to get the couple on the next flight out, and in their public statement said: “We reached out to apologize for this Customer’s experience.&#.

What do re-stocking fees say about a retailer?

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Christmas is the time for good will toward shoppers, and with that in mind, Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy have dropped their re-stocking fees to boost customer service. Other stores, in an effort to boost customer loyalty offer generous return policies.

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In the fiercely, competitive struggle of fashion and service, Burberry does it well

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For the luxury brands, buyers insist on the quality of merchandise accompanied by exceptional customer experiences. Match that with their online collections, excellent return policies, concierge service, and alteration facilities, the customer experience keeps you smiling and relaxed.

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3 Success Strategies for Small Businesses

Small Business CEO

So if you’re a small business, here’s what you need to do to chalk out your strategy for long-term success: • Make customer service your USP: You may be on the same playing field as the big boys in the business and the rules of the game may remain the same.

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Educating the Virtual Assistant Marketplace

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As a small business owner and service provider to a number of clients however, I have set office hours M-F. Tags: uncategorized clients customer service policies virtual assistant I had a wonderful phone conversation with a prospective client today. Unfortunately, even though we seemed such a good fit otherwise, I may not be able to work with him due to an after hours access issue. As an entrepreneur, I often work many – and odd – hours.

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Your three-step blast-away to avoid freelancer burnout | Men With Pens

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They work on projects, they do their own customer service, their own customer management, their marketing and networking, their project scheduling, admin and bookkeeping. Are You Turning Away Customers By Sounding Stuffy or Stroppy in your Web Copy?

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How to deal with angry online customers

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No matter how hard any of us try to deliver the best products and the best service, something can always go awry. Take steps to resolve the problem in the future, but do something to assuage the anger and frustration of the customer. Communicate with your customers.

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Can’t get much customer satisfaction with Facebook

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Just this week the American Customer Satisfaction Index partnering with ForeSeeResults polled 70,000 users of websites and social networks including Facebook, Google, CNN and Wikipedia. Facebook has become a ubiquitous part of our national culture – like it or not.

The Customer is Not Always Right

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The customer is always right.” Good service is what keeps the customer.” If a customer is snotty to an employee, too bad. If a customer tries to return merchandise that violates the return policy, the employee must remember “that the customer is always right,” even if it causes him or her to lose a commission. What can managers do to help keep customers while not placing more stress on workers? “Smile.” “The

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