Steps for Creating a Paperless Home Office

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While many home printers have a scanner function, there are scanner options available that will send your scanned documents directly to your computer for easy filing. Simply configure your scanner software to use optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically turn every scanned document into a searchable PDF, which allows you to find documents by searching for words they contain. It is helpful to have a scan, discard, and file system.

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This category includes bills, medical forms to file, an insurance or telephone plan to compare with what you have now, information about a product you intend to buy and a list of activities put on by a group you belong to. Be careful about filing too much. Most people’s file cabinets are neglected paper graveyards. Keep files you refer to near your desk. Get a tray to store file-ables until you’re ready to file them.

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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OneNote: My Filing Cabinet In The Clouds. create notebooks and files just like I would with paper, but now it is all organized on my computer. My scanner serves all these purposes -- scan a document in and you can then e-fax it over the internet, print out a copy, edit it directly through OCR software, save it as a PDF and toss the paper. I plug directly into my MacBookPro and use Audacity or Garage Band to edit the file. Accept Credit Cards Anywhere, Any Time.

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10 Apps for the Entrepreneur 2011

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The software allows you to speak into the phone and then it writes the words into a text file of some type. It saves embarrassment after running out of business cards and avoids the loss of data due to losing a small piece of paper. Since most people don’t carry a document scanner with them, this makes use of the camera on a phone to scan documents into the phone and put it in a PDF file when a scanner is not available.

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The Three Day Productivity Retreat Everyone Needs


Writing out thank you cards you’ve put off. Maybe you want to get out of credit card debt by a certain date. Completely Out of Credit Card Debt—August 15. You don’t want it filed away and when another year rolls by it has collected dust (digital or analog dust.). To help you out, I’d like to give you a PDF that breaks down this entire process in more detail. Grab the 3 Day Productivity Retreat PDF here.

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Tips to Go Almost Paperless - Productive & Organized

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  I have so many piles and I don't want to file it all."   If your computer files are organized, you will be able to do a search and find what you are looking for quickly.   Eliminate a lot of paper by having your statements sent to you electronically in PDF format.  We get the email notifications and save them to a file on our computer (we do not print them).    I have so many piles and I don't want to file it all."

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Simplify Receipts with

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Inputs to will take your receipts (and business cards) in a number of ways: US Postage paid envelopes Scanned documents you upload Email Mobile The postage-paid envelopes are sweet. You can also enter the last four digits of your credit card , and it will organize receipts by credit card as well. This would be a great check against credit card bills. No more file folders full of paper to try and manage.

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Beyond Books: Building Multiple Streams of Income | Internet.

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Ebooks The easiest way to create an ebook is to convert your printed book to a PDF document. Book formats on Smashwords include PDF documents and formats that can be read by ebook readers and devices like Kindle, Sony Reader, iPod, and Palm. Informational teleseminars, in-depth interviews, or live presentations can also be recorded and sold as a CD or downloadable MP3 file.

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