MBO Partners: A Business Platform for Independent Consultants.

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  MBO Partners offers a service providing a legal and financial infrastructure for independent consultants and freelancers.    This means, legally, the consultants and freelancers work for MBO Partners. 

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How to Choose A Financial Advisor: Top Tips You Can Follow

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Advisors who hide their fees or costs and then claim they don’t exist at all. Those investments frequently come at a very high cost to you, which means you’re just financing someone else’s success. See Also: Seven Top Tips for Retirement Planning.

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Should City Governments and other Businesses look to Virtual Services to Save Money?

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The article discussed how the City of Hickory, NC proposed offering early retirement to 84 of their employees. Reading the details of what would be offered in exchange for taking the early retirement deal didn’t really strike me as a wonderful option for those 84 people., Converting an in-office worker to a telecommuting employee saves money by reducing overhead costs. After all, you don’t tell your attorney how to draft your legal documents right?

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On the Outside Looking In

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Or because they cost too much? In Ontario, Canada, it is no longer mandatory to retire at 65 years of age and the baby boomers are fast approaching this age. I work as a legal assistant and it has been my experience that law firms look for very qualified people. In 1985 I left the office to be a stay-at-home mom. By 1995 when I tried to get back into the administrative field the landscape had changed.

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Not all accountants are created equal (how do you choose an.

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Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Maybe I am wrong, maybe there will be enough pressure in the UK for the term accountants to be legally defined?

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Which Person Would You Talk To?

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Here’s your retirement cheque, go build your house, put in a pool, and stay with your girlfriend for the rest of your life,&# then I would probably kill myself. Electronic distribution of media is a double-edged sword, it gives the creators the advantages of lower cost of entry and the ability to work from just about anywhere.

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